Spoiled Rotten

I have heard far too many times already, a statement that closely follows this, "Eh, I doubt I'll really go to anymore games since the Brewers aren't going to go to the playoffs" or this, "I haven't paid much attention, it's not like it matters anymore".

Yes, the Brewers would need a miracle to make the post season, but how is that different from what us Brewer fans are used to? Yes, in 2007 we weren't out of it until the final week. Yes, we made the post season in dramatic fashion in 2008. Why should we not care though in 2009 with one month to go just because we won't be making a September push?

We as fans, tasted the post season, and it was GREAT! We can't expect it every year though. I know football season is starting up, and us Sconnies were almost all born with a pigskin in hand, but the Brewers are our team as well. We can still beat that Cubs (currently 2 games behind), and remember when that was all we needed to have a successful season?

See you at Miller Park!


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