Welcome, Grab a Frosty Mug & Enjoy

Do you like sports? Do you like sports teams based in Wisconsin? Do you like beer? Do you like talking about sports over a nice cold beer? Of course you do! And so do we!

As, two of the contributors from Sheffield's House (Lange & Dustin), we decided that there cannot be enough sports blogs dedicated to the topic of Wisconsin based sports, and thus have branched off. No, this isn't a mutiny, just a slightly different approach. So, we have teamed up with a couple of other friends, including our friend at Tepid Epics, to bring you more comprehensive stories, some humorous looks into current happenings, and perhaps even some off topic stories.

Below are some links to stories we have written:

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Brewer's Rumor Mill
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  1. Ahh the Benedict Arnolds of Wisconsin sport blogging