The Twitter Guide to Wisconsin Sports

The Twitter Revolution is upon us, what does that mean to you? Well probably not much but I for one have given in to the power of the "tweet." And if you're anything like me you want to hear the inane ramblings of athletes in the state of Wisconsin. So, you asked for it and I deliver (ok, nobody asked but we get a lot of readers through twitter so I wanted to give something back, enjoy!)

One item to address though, if someone doesn't tweet frequently, they don't make the list.

Wisconsin Badgers

Joe Krabbenhoft
- @krabbenhoftjoe - Who doesn't want to know about the minutia of Dakota Joe? Certainly not me.

Brian Butch
- @Brian_Butch - I was pretty pumped to find this one. Butch is playing basketball overseas and it will be pretty interesting to hear how his time in Greece treats him.

Bret Bielema
- @BretBielema - The Coach! Yes it's for real, he doesn't tweet all that often but his posts are very informative, definitely a must follow for Badger fans.

Badger Football - @BadgerFootball - Most teams have a twitter account with some intern posting, this would be the Football team's. Some good stuff though.

Badger Basketball - @BadgerMBBall - See above entry, only this time for the men's basketball squad. Good way to keep up with the team.

Badger Hockey - @BadgerMHockey - I like Hockey, and you should too, so follow the Badger hockey team and enjoy.


Charlie Villanueva - @CV31 - Charlie V was a member of the Bucks until this offseason, when Milwaukee elected (for some reason) to not re-sign him. Gained infamy for tweeting during halftime last season. He's nearing 60,000 followers.
Dwayne Wade - @dwadeofficial - The best player to ever play for the Marquette Golden Eagles, Tom Crean hasn't been the same since. Wade is a fairly frequent poster.

Devin Harris - @devin34harris - One of the greatest players to play at the University of Wisconsin, Harris is now the starting Point Guard for the New Jersey Nets. He recently was in China according to his twitter page, just over 2,500 followers so get in on the ground floor!
Ray Allen - @sugarray20 - He may play for the Celtics now, and the Sonics before that. But Ray Allen will always be a Buck to me. Who can forget the glory days of Sam Cassell, Glen Robinson and Allen?

Milwaukee Bucks

Andrew Bogut - @AndrewMBogut - Former No. 1 overall draft pick and starting center of the Bucks. Bogut has posted over 1,200 times and has more than 10,000 followers.

Charlie Bell - @flintstone14 - Bucks sixth man, though I remember him better when he was one of the Flintstones that led the Michigan State Spartans to a National Title a while back, beating the Badgers in the Final Four. Bell has only 4,000 followers, still time to jump on the bandwagon.

Jodie Meeks - @JMEEKS23 - Milwaukee's second round pick this year, scored a ton of points for Kentucky last season. NBA rookie could be an interesting follow.


Lee Evans - @leeevans83 - Former Wisconsin Badger, now the top wide receiver with the Buffalo Bills (Yes, I know Terrell Owens is there). If you want to keep tabs on Badgers in the NFL, Evans is a good follow.


Ryan Grant - @RyanGrant25 - Frequent twitterer (sorry, I had to work that in at least once. He's pretty much a daily poster.

Nick Barnett - @NickBarnett - My personal favorite, Barnett gives a lot of good insight into what he's thinking and he's not afraid to tweet his thoughts about the football season. A must follow.

Jermichael Finley - @jermichaelF88 - Packers tight end, looked very good this preseason. His teammates shamelessly promote him as well.
Milwaukee Brewers

Eric Arnett - @Eric_Arnett - Brewers first round pick this year, doesn't tweet too often and it's usually short and sweet. Just glad I could get someone from the Brew Crew on here.

Sports Folk

Mike Lucas - @LucasAtLarge - Color analyst for Badger basketball and football, as well as morning radio host, and columnist extraordinaire. His posts come in bunches but if you read his work you should follow him.

Tom Haudricourt - @Haudricourt - Journal-Sentinel Brewers beat writer, great info on the team and even better one-liners. Definitely a must follow for crew fans.

Greg Bedard - @Greg_A_Bedard - Packers beat writer for the J.S. Posts a ton too, usually pretty interesting stuff and enough off-base posts to keep him interesting.

Because I Can

Danica Patrick - @DanicaPatrick - What? She's not from Wisconsin? And I should care because?

Miller Park Drunk - @millerparkdrunk - Mostly brewer content, but hilarious and if you follow the Miller Park Drunk site, it's good to know when new content is up.

Sheffield's House - @sheffieldshouse - My former home as a writer, keep an eye out for new content on their site through their twitter page.

Sports Bubbler - @SportsBubbler - The ultimate fan site, good way to keep up with their new content.

Wisconsin Sports Tap - @WI_SportsTap - You didn't know we were on twitter? Shame on you. Well here's your chance for redemption, keep up with our latest content by following us on twitter.

Well, that's all we've got for you. I'm sure we missed a ton of good twitterers, so if you have someone that fits the mold please post it in the comments section.


  1. didnt nick van exel go to kenosha st. joes? and latrell sprewell went to a city school.