Turkey Day on Tap

Happy Thanksgiving, twelve readers that will spend some of their Holiday with us on the Wisconsin Sports Tap. This is a holiday about looking at your life and recognizing what you have that makes it better. Whether it's your wife, your family, your kids, your job, your car or your beer, we all have things to be thankful for in 2009.

The sports world is no different and here are a few things that Wisconsin sports fans should be thankful for on this holiday. Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

I am thankful for Trevon Hughes. Basketball season is upon us, at least near enough to pay attention. The Badgers point guard is an exceptional talent and it's been fun watching him from year to year.

I am thankful that Aaron Rodgers isn't broken. The Packers O-line has been horrendous throughout 2009, and Rodgers has taken more than his share of hits. Whether he's holding the ball too long or not, let's just be happy he's still in one piece.

I am thankful for Ryan Braun and Prince Fielder. Let's be realistic, as long as these two players form the heart of the lineup Milwaukee will matter. It's been exciting to watch Braun and Fielder play for these past three seasons and we're only guaranteed two more years of it, so let's enjoy it while it lasts.

I am thankful for John Clay. That fumble against Northwestern not withstanding, John Clay reminded us what Wisconsin football should be. A power running game that dominates in the second half. Clay is eligible for the draft, but most will agree he could use another year if seasoning, let's just hope he thinks that as well.

I am thankful for Miller Park. This is one you could say every year and should say every year. Miller Park is an experience, it's one of the best experiences in Major League Baseball and Brew Crew fans deserve it.

I am thankful for Brandon Jennings. Yes, the Milwaukee Bucks have crept onto this list. Jennings has brought the team an element they haven't had since Ray Allen was traded. There is a buzz in the air at the Bradley Center these days, and it's all because of him.

I am thankful for Scott Tolzien. Let's not clamor for Curt Phillips just yet. The Badgers had one of their most successful seasons passing the ball in recent memory, so why rush the inaccurate passer when Tolzien has another year of eligibility?

I am thankful for Doug Melvin. Oh I went there. But why, you ask, would I be thankful for a General Manager that many would like to fire? Simple, do you remember the Brewers in the 1990's? Well I don't. Melvin has raised the team to a level that we can complain when we miss the playoffs or have a losing season. Let's not lose sight of that.

I am thankful for Bo Ryan. Be honest, Bo knows basketball. In his tenure Wisconsin has never missed the NCAA tournament and the Badgers have never finished lower than fourth in the Big Ten. Yet somehow NCAA prognosticators have picked the Badgers to finish eighth (eighth!) and miss the Big Ten tournament. That won't happen.