Your Attention Please

It turns out the Milwaukee Bucks are alive and well. Not only that, but rookie Point Guard Brandon Jennings appears to be the star the team has been waiting for a very long time. In case you missed it last night, the rookie scored a nearly unbelievable 55 points in last nights come from behind win over the Golden State Warriors.

Some facts about the game via the Journal-Sentinel:
  • Jennings 55 points match the most Kareem Abdul-Jabbar ever scored in a game for the Bucks
  • The seven games it took him to score 55 is the quickest in NBA history, it took Wilt Chamberlain eight games.
  • He had 29 points in the third quarter, and 10 in the final 2:15 to seal the win.
  • Jennings set the Bucks rookie record for points in a game, the previous mark was 51 set by Lew Alcindor
  • With the big game, he joins Lebron James as the only players to score 50 points in a game under the age of 21.
To see a rookie have this sort of an impact on a game is more than impressive, it's astounding. The Bucks are 5-2 and off to one of their best starts in years and that's in large part due to the commitment to defense and the emergence of Jennings.

I stand corrected, because I thought Jennings would be a bust. I thought this would be a boring team to watch. Now, the season is only seven games old and Jennings will struggle at times but he is the real deal. He is giving the fans something to cheer for, a reason to go watch games and that's whats most important.

With Michael Redd returning from injury this week and Andrew Bogut finally emerging as a post threat this team will be turning some heads. Add in the massive improvement that Ersan Ilyasova has shown and the team is finding enough scoring to win games. Depth will still be a concern, but the Bucks show promise for a change. This looks like a team that will be good again, sooner than later.

Excitement in Milwaukee? And baseball season is over? Believe it.