Rumor City: Monday in Indy

The Winter Meetings are in full swing, this year in the Hoosier State. We may have a signing for the Crew and plenty more to speculate on. So here are some rumors that have passed through the realm of consideration on day one.

Jeff Suppan to the Dodgers for outfielder Juan Pierre

This is a deal that would make some sense for both clubs. Pierre is due $18 million for the next two years and Suppan will be owed $14.5 million by Milwaukee. If the Dodgers were to throw in some cash to even out the contract disparity then the trade would make financial sense as well. It would give the Brewers a viable fourth outfielder and rid the team of the perpetually terrible Suppan.

Still, don't expect this to happen. As bad as Suppan is somebody has to pitch next year. If this does happen it will be after the team has lined up a couple starting pitchers to take Suppan's spot in the rotation. Pierre would bring a decent bat and good speed off the bench, but not much more than that.

Randy Wolf to sign a three-year pact with the Crew

This one sounds like it's pretty close to the real deal. Numerous news agencies have reported that Wolf will go to Brewers because they were willing to add a third year. There's a strong case to be made that he's the second best pitcher available on the market. If this does happen, we'll have an in-depth look at the move.

A quick thought, look at the move relative to the market. General Manager Doug Melvin wants to bring in two starters this offseason, Wolf could be considered the innings eater and free the team up for a run at a riskier player like Erik Bedard.

Hey Craig Counsell, what the hell man?

There's some talk out there that Craig Counsell might be considering offers from other teams. My response? He better not be. He already has two world series rings and you have to think that he wants to be a part of whatever success the Brewers have in the next season or two... or even three.

Counsell basically has an open ticket to return to the team in 2010 and even 2011 if he wants to keep playing. He has a fan base that loves him and gets to see his family during homestands. I would be absolutely shocked - shocked! - if he doesn't return for another season.

Carl Pavano? Just Say No!

This is more to dispel a name that was mentioned in the weeks prior. If you were excited that Pavano's name was connected to the Brewers than you are an idiot. And thankfully, the pitcher that gave up more hits last season than anybody else has accepted arbitration to stay with Minnesota. Now if only Jarrod Washburn can sign with someone else and we can scratch his name of the Hot Stove shopping list.

Brad Penny a Cardinal

The defending NL Central champions St. Louis Cardinals seem to be conceding that they won't be able to re-sign Joel Pineiro after the season he had. If the Cards want to pay Brad Penny $7.5 million next season, that is fine with me. Penny is a notoriously streaky pitcher who has had numerous injury problems.

This is not an upgrade for St. Louis, Penny might excel under pitching coach Dave Duncan but even at his best he won't be better than Pineiro was last year for St. Louis. Add in Chris Carpenter getting another year older and 2010 is shaping up to be a competitive season in the Central.


In my Really? moment of the day, the Washington Nationals appear to have signed Pudge Rodriguez to a two-year deal worth $6 million. I'm sure there is some reason that this move sounds really good to the Nats, I'll just say good luck with that.

Dustin, one of my fellow contributors here at the Tap, theorizes that the winter meetings are essentially Spring Break for baseball people and that the only reason trades or signings actually happen is because some GM had a few too many. Considering the sheer volume of moves that happen after 10 P.M. it's hard not to agree. If Randy Wolf somehow manages a fourth year that's a theory I'll subscribe to.

Finally, the best way to keep up with the Hot Stove League is by checking out MLB Trade Rumors, fantastic resource. I wonder what I'll have missed by the time I get up tomorrow?