Where are they now: Badgers Basketball Edition

Reading the Wisconsin State Journal's Sunday article spotlighting former Badgers Joe Krabbenhoft, Greg Stiemsma and Tanner Bronson, now members of the Sioux City Skyforce, it got me wondering about where other former Wisconsin sports standouts are up to these days. Alando Tucker (the newest member of the Timberwolves), Devin Harris, and Michael Finley are at various stages in their respective NBA careers (struggling, star, veteran), but there are plenty other standouts who disappeared. So I did a little digging, and here's what I found:

Joe Krabbenhoft: Wait, but we already know what he's up to, right? Looks like the WSJ picked an interesting time to run their article: before most people had even read the feature, they reported online that Joe is headed to South Korea to play overseas. Sounds like he's received a pretty decent financial offer that he couldn't turn down, and for the chance to live
abroad and be paid for it you can't really blame him.

Brian Butch: Where Krabbenhoft is going across the Pacific, it sounds like Butch wants to head back over the Atlantic. First, there's this blog entry, in which he complains of broken promises and communication breakdowns tainting his experience in Greece. Then I heard him tell Steve 'The Homer' True that he's tired of the European style of basketball and wants to get back to the states, with hopes of joining an NBA developmental league team. I guess Euro-hoops isn't for everybody.

Mike Kelley: If you've been watching college basketball in recent years, you should know what Mike is up to. He's got himself a pretty nice situation with ESPN, doing color commentary for college basketball games. This year he's slated for 30 games, mostly in the Big East. Not a bad gig for a guy who most would have pegged as a candidate for one of those "college athletes going pro in something other than sports" commercials.

Mike Wilkinson: This piece from over a year ago provides some interesting info. I remember hearing stories of his desire to be a farmer, and it didn't seem unlikely that he'd forgo basketball in favor of a tractor, some bib overalls and a straw hat. I guess he couldn't let go of the basketball, because according to the article, Mike has played for Greece, Macedonia and Russia since graduating in 2005. Today it appears he's playing in Istanbul, is tied for the team lead in rebounds and is third in points. I wonder how the farming is in Turkey?

Hennssy Auriantal: This one is digging a ways back. Hennssy is still in Madison, apparently has a nephew on the Madison Memorial basketball team, and helps out with the Madison Memorial boys basketball team. Also, former Memorial standout Jeronne Maymon has been working with him as he looks to stay in basketball shape after walking away from Marquette. He also started the Wisconsin Force program, a non-profit organization supporting student-athletes in the Madison area.

Kirk Penney: Wikipedia is your friend. For those not
inclined to follow links (I'm often guilty of this myself), Kirk has become a star in New Zealand. After bouncing all around the pro basketball circuit, from the Miami Heat to Maccabi Tel Aviv BC(?), he finally returned home to sign with the New Zealand Breakers. He subsequently led the league in points and won the ANBL MVP trophy. Oh, and he's also been to two Olympics. Penney is an all time favorite, and he'll always be remembered for that photo of him body surfing the Grateful Red after winning the Big Ten. Its good to know he's still a star somewhere.

Know of any others? Please share in the comments section below!


  1. Charlie Wills showed me an apt. when I lived in Madison. Not trying to be a dick, just saying.


  2. Howard "The Duck" Moore is an assistant coach for Bo Ryan.

    Rashard Griffith is currently playing in Romania.

    Near as I can tell Michael Flowers is playing in the Bundesliga in Germany (or was last year).

    And Shariff Chambliss is an assistant coach for UW-Plateville.

  3. Brian Butch has already transitioned back to the states - pretty sure he's playing for Bakersfield in the NBDL. He's also blogging for the Big Ten Network:


  4. Brian pepers is play for madison memorial

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