Wisconsin vs Wisconsin St.

When it comes to college football, Wisconsin loves their Badgers, but who else do we Sconnies have to cheer for in collegiate football? Exactly! Didn't Teddy Roosevelt fight against monopolies such as this?

Obviously, we here at The Tap are big time fans of Bucky, but when I watch other in-state rivalries. I feel like we are missing out on something fun/another reason to get drunker than normal. Wisconsin is no doubt a football state, and if a state like Iowa can have a big time rivalry, why can't Wisconsin? We have it in college basketball, and it can get downright brutal sometimes...like a rivalry should! It creates an amazing atmosphere!

Lange and I have actually had this discussion not that long ago. We both went to school at UW-Whitewater, which always seemed to have rumors that perhaps it would turn into a D-1 school. The rumors make sense, the school has an enrollment over 10,000, is heavily investing in new buildings, and has had a dominant athletic program as of late. Rumors are rumors, and I don't think either of us took any sort of stock in them, but for fun lets pretend.

Let's just say Whitewater was to become a D-1 school, who would even cheer for them? Would I even cheer for my Alma Mater over Bucky when it has been ingrained in my head to bleed cardinal red? What conference would they play in? How long before they could be successful in D-1, if at all?

The obvious starting point, is to know that a university like Whitewater, from now on we'll call it Wisconsin State, could never make a direct jump to the Football Bowl,Subdi..vi.....ahem, Division 1A. Finding a conference home and the ability to be successful out of the gate would be damn near impossible in my opinion. No, Wisconsin State would seemingly have to be a Football..Champi...., screw it, Division 1AA. Of course, the goal would be to eventually try and get to a Division 1A team, but that would take years, and of course, proven success for a prolonged period. That' s no fun. Plus most of the state would always cheer for the Badgers to win that game, but cheer for Wisconsin St. for the rest of the season, there is no real competitiveness.

So. Let's make this thought fun (and highly improbable). Whitewater becomes Wisconsin St. and become a D1-A team right away. The fan base they would instantly have are a) current students b) some alumni c)local residents d)Marquette basketball fans who hate the Badgers in every possible way. Between these segments, you have yourself a decent crowd to start off with. Many will still cheer for both WI teams, save the day of competition, but as time goes on, the seeds of hatred will begin to grow (as long as it is a competitive rivalry) and it would become a bitter rivalry. Of course to truly get fans and teams to hate one another come game day, it helps to be in the same conference, so, in my fantasy land let's say Wisconsin St. become the 12th member of the Big Ten (The Big Ten would be crazier than NBC is for potentially letting Conan O'Brien go). As long as it was competitive, things would get pretty intense, pretty quick. Splitting the state quicker than the pants of a fat kid doing squats. The wild trash talking, followed up by good camaraderie beers and the rejoining of forces to get ready for the next day's Packers game. I like this idea.

Who would I cheer for, having graduated from Whitewater but also having been a life long Badger fan? Easy, Bucky, it is in my blood, but I don't think I could truly "hate" a Wisconsin St. Thus, making me a hypocrite after my rant about Marquette fans.

It obviously won't happen, just a little fun thought for the weekend. DRINK UP!