The Farm Report: The Big List

With the spring training countdown under 20 days, it's time to unveil the first Wisconsin Sports Tap: Milwaukee Brewers top prospects list. As opposed to our previous lists, which were positional breakdowns, this will be an all-encompassing prospect ranking.

How many? Just 20, we could go epic and rate the top 30 or 40 but there is so much parity when you get further down the list that No. 35 could easily be No. 22 within the first month of the season. By doing the top 20 prospects you get a good look at the more talented and higher ceiling players sitting in the farm system.

Next to each player you have their position and the level that I am projecting them to for the start of 2010.

2010 Milwaukee Brewers Prospect Rankings

1. Alcides Escobar - SS - MLB
2. Brett Lawrie - 2B - Low A
3. Mat Gamel - 3B - AAA
4. Zach Braddock - P - AAA
5. Jonathan Lucroy - C - AAA
6. Caleb Gindl - RF - AA
7. Eric Arnett - SP - Low A
8. Logan Schafer - CF - AA
9. Mark Rogers - SP - AA
10. Angel Salome - C - AAA
11. Lorenzo Cain - CF - AAA
12. Amaury Rivas - SP - AA
13. Jake Odirizzi - P - Low A
14. Josh Butler - SP - AAA
15. Robert Wooten - RP - AAA
16. Kentrail Davis - OF - Low A
17. Cody Scarpetta - P - High A
18. Wily Peralta - P - High A
19. Kyle Heckathorn - Low A
20. Taylor Green - 3B - AA

Some general thoughts: A number of prospects are nearing major league ready and the team has done a good job of bringing prospects near the big leagues when there is an opening close. An obvious example is catcher, where AARP member Gregg Zaun is the starter and prospects Angel Salome and Jonathan Lucroy will be competing to replace him this year.

Another good example is Center Field. Carlos Gomez will start there next year, but he's been inconsistent. If he struggles over the next season plus then you can expect Lorenzo Cain and Logan Schaefer to get a chance. They could also get a chance to play Right Field once Corey Hart is (mercifully) gone. Expect Caleb Gindl to get a chance at Hart's position too, although he needs to hit lefties better than he did a year ago (.206).

One guy that could see his stock rise with a good 2010 is Taylor Green. He had wrist surgery before last season and never really found his stroke. Green was the Crew's minor league player of the year in 2007 remember. If he bounces back he could easily put himself in the top ten.

For more on most of these players you can look back at the positional breakdowns, here's a handy list of links back to those:

Starting Pitcher

Relief Pitcher

First Base
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Third Base

Questions? Thoughts? Disagreements? Post them in the comments and I'll explain my reasons. Enjoy.


  1. It's Schafer, Odorizzi, and Heckathorn. Aside from that, good list.

  2. <------------------- Spelling fail. I blame myself.

  3. You expect Lawrie to start at low A?

  4. I understand Lawrie's offensive prowess, but frankly there is not a home for him defensively. 2B is not working out, he has stiff hands and poor range. I would rank him lower.

  5. Low-A for Lawrie was an oversight on my part, I think my proof reading skills left me. He'll be at High-A or even possibly AA.

    Defensively he is behind, but with the team having the potential for openings in both RF and at 2B in the next few seasons it's hard to look past his huge potential with the bat.

    He's young, just 20 years old, so you have to expect his defense will improve. The question then becomes, how much will it improve? The team tucked Ryan Braun away in left field, will they hide Lawrie in right?