The Brewer Twitterverse: Part 1

The Milwaukee Brewers are notoriously thin in the twitter world, in fact the only people connected to the organization that do have accounts is new pitching coach Rick Peterson. But then I read the Weekend Mug over at Brew Crew Ball and it got me thinking... what if there was a stronger Brewer presence in the twitterverse?

Here's how I think it would go:

@Dukie39: Great to get out and pitch without restrictions! It's been a long time, feeling good!

@TheMachster: @Dukie39 aren't you a little old to be a batboy?

@BigStick8: lolz, hey MKE, think I will go 30/30 this year?

@SunglassesAtNight: I hope the other kids don't make fun of my new glasses

@BigStick8: @SunglassesAtNight not anymore than we made fun of your pitch selection

@CrownedPrince: Started practice counting the zeros today, can't wait til the season starts!

@Dukie39: @TheMachster I'm on your team? I won 18 games in 2005? Didn't @MustacheMan tell you?

@TheMachster: @Dukie39 Yea, and I took Oakland to the playoffs twice. Your point?

@BigStick8: We got new d-signs up on the remetees! check it out! store.remetee.com

@JJ07: @BigStick8 I'm so glad I'm not your teammate anymore and don't have to wear those godawful shirts.

@BigStick8: @JJ07 aww why you gots to hate! lolz, i kno ur jking me!

@JJ07: @BigStick8 those new ones really put Ed Hardy to shame

@BigStick8: @JJ07 lolz, great arnt they... how was ur getaway w/@joemamaTC

@JJ07: @BigStick8 awesome, we grew beards together

@CrownedPrince: HAHAHAHAHA RT: @JJ07: @BigStick8 awesome, we grew beards together

@TheMachster: Have been really impressed by @TripleG this spring, he's so old he must be good.

@MustacheMan: Hey #brewers fans, I really am sorry about @DaSoupMan i blew that one. My bad.

@DaSoupMan: @MustacheMan don't worry, I won't change my approach this year.

@BrewCrewManager2011: Hey guys, make sure you work hard on base stealing this season, we'll be running in '11

@TheMachster: @BrewCrewManager2011 Willie? Is that you? Or is it Dale? Damnit! You could at least wait til I get fired.

@MustacheMan: @BrewCrewManager2011 @TheMachster it's like he's psychic! lol lol

@Dukie39: What happened to Tomo?

@GoldenSpikes: Am I excited to be healthy this year! I'm feeling big things!

@CrownedPrince: @GoldenSpikes rickie in the hooooooooooooooouse, missed you last year

@GoldenSpikes: @CrownedPrince me and my dreads are back to stay

@BigStick8: hey wisco! closing in on a new bar/grill... RB's mountainside grill in Wausau... should open by 2018!

@Stettelator: @BigStick8 can't wait! Already got reservations at your MKE place

@BigStick8: @Stettelator I don't talk to relievers

@GoldenSpikes: I think I have carpal tunnel

To be Continued...


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