This Week in Green Bay

Football season is up, and we're right in the midst of March Madness with baseball right around the corner. But that doesn't mean the Packers are hibernating for the summer. Here's a quick look at what's been going on in Green Bay this past week:

Long term deals for all! - Three major resignings: LT Chad Clifton, DT Ryan Pickett, and FS Nick Collins. While two of the three were no brainers, the Clifton one I wasn't thrilled with until I learned the structure of the deal. Heavily front-loaded, the deal indicates Clifton has one more year as a starter, and then they'll start working in a younger replacement. Should no one emerge, the hope is likely that Clifton's knees hold up until the following draft. Also, as JSOnline's Brian Carriveau observes, Ted Thompson is using the uncapped year to his advantage, front loading the contracts and gearing up for the potential return of the cap in 2011.

At least someone thinks he's valuable
- One player who didn't receive a new contract: Daryn Colledge. And his agent isn't happy. Reports are he is "strongly considering" holding his client out of offseason workouts to express their unhappiness with Daryn's contract situation. Good thinking. Your client was part of an offensive line who gave up as many sacks as any team in the NFL last year, and in several games he was the weakest link. If anyone on that line needs to attend offseason workouts its Colledge, and should they follow through on this threat he could find himself in a back-up position come training camp.

Happy trails Aaron Kampman - The Packers lost their first free agent of the offseason, as Aaron Kampman signed Jacksonville Jaguars. While its sad to see him go--he embodies what every Packer fan loves in a football player--its good to know he's returning to the 4-3. Everyone who hoped he'd work out as an OLB in the 3-4 (myself included) had to have that nagging feeling that the move was like teaching a dog to use a litter box. It'll work, but its a really bad idea. Happy trails Kampy, and best of luck from the Tap.

Packers sign Charles Dillon away from the Spokane Shock - After trying to figure out why the Packers would sign a WNBA player named Charles (Juwanna Mann?), I realized that the Shock are actually an Arena Football team. I can't decide if this is actually news or not, considering he's a wide receiver and the Packers aren't exactly short at that position, but if he can provide a spark in the return game then welcome aboard!

New Threads for the Pack - Following in the recent trend of throwback alternate jerseys, the Packers have unveiled their own: a reworking of the old Acme Packers uniform. While I'm a little surprised that a team often referred to as "The Green and Gold" by their fans is adopting blue and yellow, I'm a fan of the new design. The blue number set in a yellow circle on the front and back of a blue jersey is sharp, and going with the traditional and understated white pants was a nice touch for a working class team. But most of all? I'm glad they didn't use their secondary color as the jersey base color a la the Bears or Seahawks.

Lombardi to get Hollywood treatment - ESPN has announced their first feature film: Lombardi, a movie detailing the rise of the Green Bay Packers in the 60's based loosely on Jerry Kramer's biography, "Instant Replay." And they've cast the perfect man for the legend: Robert De Niro. Try to think of someone in Hollywood who would do a better Vince Lombardi. Just the thought of the inevitable scene of him giving an impassioned pregame speech to a locker room full of Packer greats makes me giddy. The film won't be out until 2012, but with De Niro as Lombardi we can rest assured it'll be worth the wait.

That's the majority of what mattered. Did I forget something? Let me know below.