The Pros of Ken Macha

With the Brewers stumbling through the first two months of the season, there have been many voices (mine included) calling for Ken Macha's release from his managerial duties. However, I'm a reasonable person (not really), and I feel like maybe I should look at some of "Pros" of Ken Macha. Without further ado, here is my list:

Pros of Ken Macha:
-Successfully managed the Oakland Athletics, a smaller market club, into the ALCS. He really knows how to manage in the American League. (Side note, I happen to think a drunken chimp could manage the AL)

-That accent of his, is unbelievable! For a man from Pittsburgh, who spent some time in California, it's a true modern day miracle that he speaks with a slight "Yooper-like" accent. Helps to really connect to the Northern Wisconsin fan base.

-He is old, and has been around baseball for a long time. That can only mean he has some awesome stories to share. Why, I bet he has some doozies about Ty Cobb. I can just hear the story that starts out like, "Honus Wagner was a bitch, why the fuck is his card worth so damn much" or "Shoeless Joe Jackson, now there was an American". Also, I like to imagine this whopper, "In my day, we didn't use steroids, that stuff is for pussies...no, we would just smoke tobacco and have sex with the local whores to enhance our performance..............oh Fran...Fran, Fran, Fran".

- He looks like he would be a nice grandpa. Why yes Ken, I will have a Werther's Original.

-He's not Tony LaRussa. That guy, while a good manager, is just a prick.

-He's not Dusty Baker. I know Yovanni Gallardo is thankful for that.

-He likes "whipping shitties" in the Miller Park parking lot with Doug Melvin in a 1969 Chevy Camaro

- He would easily win a "look disinterested" contest.

- Is the inspiration for a mildly amusing twitter character: @notkenmacha.


  1. I think he brings a real calm to the clubhouse before, during and after games. No sense having players getting to pumped up or excited. Who wants to see that? I have also found that he could save people money on sleeping pills. I know I have started recording his post game interviews and forcing mnyself to watch before going to bed. I'm out like a light.

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