A Very Special Interview

I took some time today to get to know...myself. Here is what I was able to learn from piquing....my own brain, about some recent topics.

Bud Selig's statue was unveiled at Miller Park yesterday, what are your thoughts?

Giving Bud his own statue is definitely something that the Brewers organization needed to do, but the timing is off. They should have waited until after his term as commissioner has expired in 2012. Maybe they are just concerned they won't be able to honor Selig before the world ends, I don't know. Regardless, it is a well deserved statue to the man who brought baseball back to Milwaukee, the man who founded the very Brewers we love, the man who helped bring Miller Park into existence which ensured Milwaukee would have Major League Baseball for many years. Yes, those three things are enough to warrant a statue. Don't give me none of that "Steroid Era" nonsense, as it means little to the connection between Milwaukee, the Brewers, and Bud Selig.

Is there anything that Brewers fans can still take out of the 2010 season?
Sure, that we're better than the Cubs, and that Lo-Cain and Jonathon Lucroy are going to be pretty good ball players. Also, we have a good chance at a winning season, and that is something to cheer for. Come September, fans should watch to see the call ups, aka, the future of the organization. Unlike the aforementioned Cubs, the Brewers have some players in the farm, ready to step up to fill some voids. Lucroy and Cain have already proven they can fill two of the Crew's most pressing needs (C and CF), which essentially leaves the biggest need, starting pitching. I think we all know Prince Fielder is in the showcase window with a pricetag of "young starting pitcher of ace caliber" hanging from his jersey. 2011 can shape up quite nicely, so there is still plenty of optimism to be had.

You were adamant on trading Corey Hart, how do you feel about the Brewers signing him?
I love it! Listen, losing both Prince and Hart would have been a definite blow to the offense. I wanted to trade Hart because I had always got the impression that he didn't want to be in Milwaukee in the past. As the trade deadline neared this year, it was pretty evident that he wanted to be a Brewer (as opposed to the team's first baseman), and for that, I'm happy to have him. Some people are worried about repeating a lesson learned from Bill Hall, but really, Corey has had a longer sample size of success. He can be streaky, but I see more good than bad from Corey and am excited to watch him play for the next couple of years.

So, if Prince is traded in the offseason, like many think he will, who covers first?
Yes, Who will cover first.

That's what I asked.
*sighs* nevermind, you obviously don't get a joke. Mat Gamel will cover first most likely. Though it is curious that he continues to play both RF and 1B in AAA. I suppose that leaves the option that Corey Hart can play first, he was drafted as a first baseman after all. Hart's length would help the other fielders (think Derrek Lee), and Gamel has a canon for an arm, so I wouldn't rule it out. I still think Gamel is your 2011 first baseman.

Who will be managing the Brewers next season?
Willie Randolph...and I'm done explaining myself, your guess is as good as mine. Though I fully intend to gloat if I'm right.

Let's move on to football. So...

...So Brett Favre is back, yo...
Sure is

...Your opinion on that.
Minnesota is paying an awful lot of money for a QB who is going to be what 41? 54? Too old to drive? I say let them. He won't be the same guy who put up career numbers in 2009 (I hope), something has to give. I mean, there is a lot of responsibility on someone who is playing QB, coaching, and taking care of GM duties. But seriously, who is running that team? Sure, Brett Favre hurt me as a Packer fan, and I realized that he is a selfish man but I've moved on. To me though, there is no story here, we all knew he would be coming back. The real story is how Brett likes to be comfortable, whether it is comfort while wearing Wranglers playing backyard football or comfort wearing Crocs while allegedly....well, you know the story by now I'm sure. The man likes comfort, including the comfort of having an entire football team/coaching staff grovel for his return.

There has been a lot of talk of Superbowl for the Packers this year, some think it may get into the player's minds by setting the bar too high.
I love that the Packers are being hyped. I also love how the players themselves are talking about it. It isn't the goal going into training camp, to be the Conference or Division champs, it is to be Superbowl champions. All of the other teams want and feel the same thing, and I applaud the Packers for embracing it and being honest. For example, Bret Bielema's, "1-0" approach every week is a bunch of nonsense, the players know damn well what their record is and where they stand in the Big Ten. Back on the Pack though. The thing is, they have a talented enough team to be Superbowl favorites, coupled along with the fact that the Packers are one of the Nation's most popular teams, means the media is going to hype the hell out of them. Let's have fun with it!

You used to write a lot for this blog, and many of those posts used to be funny. Now, you barely post anything and well, you resort to weird tactics like interviewing yourself, what's up with that?
This summer has been a fantastic. The weather has been great, and I've been doing a lot of fun stuff. So, just back off of me. Also, I seem to have lost my funny. This can be evidenced by my lack of funny twitterings as well (follow my personal account at @diddy05). I have some theories for this, but most of my theories involve a nun, a priest, and a rabbi. Although I did make a funny joke: Jesus walks into a bar and orders a water. The bartender looks at Jesus and says, "not this time Jesus, you are getting a wine and paying for it"

Seen any good movies this summer?
I saw Cats and Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore (true story), but, I wouldn't really call it good. I expected crazier from Nick Nolte's voice. Date Night was hilarious, but I have to say Meet the Schmucks was quite a letdown. I went into Kickass with different expectations than what it actually was, so I want to give it another try. To answer your question....no, not really.

You spoke on Twitter during the Bucks playoff run about Milwaukee getting an NHL team. Expand on that.
"Expand on that"...what is this, Larry King? Yes, I've never been a big hockey buff, especially of the NHL, but I love going to games, and really, I want to become a fan. Part of this comes from my dislike of the NBA and my need for some sort of sport to follow other than NCAA hoops. I really think Milwaukee would be a good NHL town, especially compared to some of the cities down south that don't care about hockey in the slightest. Of course, Milwaukee couldn't support both an NBA and an NHL team, so the likelihood of it happening are slim to none. Live hockey games are the best, and I have started going to more Admirals games, but it isn't the same. I'm not sure there is another sport that has such nonstop, hard-hitting action. I'm not sure there is anything quite as exciting as playoff hockey, and I feel like I'm missing out on it. It's an absolutely wonderful game that I need to learn more about.

Do you have any Fantasy Football tips for your readers?
Nope. Well, just one tip: If you draft Brett Favre you are a traitor to mankind.

How about instead of interviewing yourself, you get real questions from readers or friends?
That's a great idea! If you have a question you want answered, be it about: sports, current events, beer, the weather, etc... then write us at wisconsinsportstap@gmail.com or send us a question via twitter at @WI_SportsTap. You can always leave a comment on the message board as well.