Tap Tabloid - Ryan Braun as Manager?

Milwaukee - Could you envision Ryan Braun as the Brewers 2011 manager? Ryan Braun sure can!

Not since 1985, when Pete Rose both managed and played for the Cincinnati Reds, has there been a player-manager in Major League Baseball, but if Braun gets his way, that will change in 2011. "I've talked with Doug (Melvin), and he started laughing, which I can only assume he is tickled pink that I thought of the idea." Braun stated, adding "I know Doug takes my opinions very seriously after he entrusted me with the role of his Deputy GM last season."

Braun has quickly racked up the stats and the hardware, and can certainly be labeled a superstar. However, 2011 would still just be his 5th year in the league. Hardly enough experience by most standards to become a manager, let alone a player-manager. Braun's well documented confidence and ego don't seem fazed by that though.

"I've been playing baseball my entire life, and I'm guessing that I'll go down in history as one of the best players ever, so, I'm not seeing how you think I have inexperience. Plus, I've played both the infield and the outfield" Braun continued by saying, "What experience did Ken Macha have? As far as I can tell, he was experienced in falling asleep."

Braun did finish by saying, "I can tell you if I was manager, I wouldn't have pulled our star left fielder after he wisely conserved his health by not legging out a popup in a meaningless game. That was just smart baseball right there."

Both Doug Melvin and Gord Ash were unavailable for comment, but all signs seem to point towards the Brewers using the standard channels and criteria for a new manager. So, I wouldn't expect much more development on this.


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