Monday Morning Reverie: The Sky is Falling Edition

If you were visiting the Tap last week you might have noticed something, we wrote.  So in an effort to establish a more consistent website there will be some new weekly columns.  Some will work, some won't but stick with us and we'll all come out better in the end.

Time to take a look back at the weekend that was with some meandering thoughts about what went on in sports over the past two days.

1.  Were they not expecting snow? Here's the hot video of the weekend.  We already knew the Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome was a dump and the Vikings inability to get a new stadium has lead to the franchise flirting with a possible move to Los Angeles, but the roof collapsing because of too much snow seems a little absurd.

If you're the Minnesota Vikings and you're facing lagging attendance and an inability to improve the stadium situation, a collapsing roof is not going to motivate you to stay put.  This is purely speculation on my part but at this moment the future of professional football in Minnesota does not look bright.

Still this was pretty cool to see.

2. Fading Fast. The playoff prospects of the Green Bay Packers look very dim after Sunday's loss to the woebegone Detroit Lions.  The game was ugly before Aaron Rodgers left the game with his second concussion of the season and with Rodgers out, the Packers offense was disjointed and downright ugly.

If Rodgers isn't back quickly you can kiss this season goodbye.  The Packers without Rodgers are broken offensively.  Matt Flynn doesn't have the arm strength to be a deep ball quarterback and finally the mass of injuries will catch up with Green Bay.

With no legitimate running game Flynn would have to bear the load.  That's something Aaron Rodgers did admirably but I wouldn't hold out the same hope for Flynn.  If the Packers are going to have any hope to make the playoffs this season they need to hope for a speedy recovery from Rodgers.

Concussions are tricky though, just ask Steve Young and Troy Aikman.

3. While we're on the Subject another concern beyond Matt Flynn potentially starting is the fact that Green Bay has a very difficult three-game stretch to end the season.  New England, Chicago and the New York Giants.

The Patriots are the best team in the NFL right now and the prospect of facing them is not very promising even if Aaron Rodgers is healthy.  The once bright outlook for this season is now starting to look like an 8-8, missing the playoffs debacle.

After watching New England dismantle a hot Chicago team there needs to be very legitimate concern about the final three games of 2010.

4. A Pleasant Surprise, that's what I would call the Badgers win over in-state "rival" Marquette.  Going into the game I was pessimistic.  Bucky always struggles with the Golden Eagles, especially at the Bradley Center, so to see Wisconsin force their style and pace on the road was good to see.

The Badgers strength is in their front court, but Jordan Taylor is emerging as a star player.  He's the best guard to play for Bo Ryan since Devin Harris, without a doubt.  But how far this team goes will likely depend more on senior forwards Keaton Nankivil and John Leuer.

As for Marquette, I don't consider myself an expert but a couple points stood out.  First, they are undersized (duh) which seems like a problem every year.  They'll manage to win despite that, they do every year.  But the other problem I saw in that game was the lack of a clear second scorer.

Jimmy Butler is the go to scorer for this team but it doesn't look like anyone has stepped up to help carry the offensive load.  Like I said, I'm not an expert on Marquette basketball so my observation is based only on Saturday.

5.  The St. Louis Cardinals traded away starting shortstop Brendan Ryan.  Ryan, a LaRussa favorite just a season ago, did exactly what I predicted he would this year, he stunk.  In 486 plate appearances he hit just .226 with only two home runs.  In four career seasons he is a .259 hitter, with little power but a good arm at shortstop.  He'll stick around because he plays defense but he won't be winning any batting titles.

What's funny about this deal is who it leaves the Cardinals with to be their starting shortstop - none other than former Chicago Cub Ryan Theriot.  He doesn't walk much and has very little power and is a worse defender than Ryan was.  This is in addition to signing Lance Berkman to be their starting left fielder.  I thought the trend was towards pitching and defense not pitching and washed up veterans.

What will this week bring?  Zack Greinke perhaps?  Or maybe Cliff Lee will finally sign (with the yankees).  Maybe Aaron Rodgers will be just fine.  Or maybe the Tap will put out a Bucks post (not likely).  Stay tuned to find out.


  1. Who would have guessed back in September that the Slightly Better Than Average Chicago Bears wolud be limping raggedly toward an NFC North title!!?? I don't think it matters if the Bears make the playoffs. As Brady and Co. so clearly put it into perspective. The Bears are NOT post season ready. They have plated well at times and wildly inconsistent in many instances. They have been the recipients of many a lucky bounce and break. The Packers appear to be the better team. By the same token have been on the recieving end of all the bad breaks and bounces. I'm not saying the Pack cant win the division, but without Rodgers Sunday night in Foxborough the Pats will continue their cake walk through the NFC North!!