Monday Morning Reverie: That Just Happened Edition

It's Monday morning, for you.  For me it's the first week of a stretch of overnight shifts at my wonderful day..er... night job.  So good morning to you, and goodnight to me!  But before I sleep for the day, let's look back at the weekend that was.

1. Greinke joins the Barley and Blue.  Of course the big story of the weekend is the addition of Zack Greinke by the Milwaukee Brewers.  I've covered the story here on the Tap since it first broke, so check our Brewers section to see my thoughts on the deal.  Also there will be at least one more write-up on the blockbuster trade.

What you may not have caught on to was the fact that the story wasn't broken by a newspaper, national magazine or over dramatic cable television station.  It was broken by Jim Breen of Bernies Crew.  My hat is off to you Jim, you set the bar awfully high for the rest of us and didn't need a dieing medium to do it.

2. Dynasty.  That's what you can call the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater Warhawks.  UWW won the  Division 3 football title with a 31-21 over title rival Mount Union on Saturday.  The National Championship was the Warhawks second straight and third in the last four years.

It's a feat to go to the National Title game six straight years, especially for a public school.  To win three times without being able to offer scholarships is just amazing.  As an alum of the Dub Dub, I am proud to be a Warhawk.

3.  Not too shabby.  It would be a mistake for me to mention the D. 3 champ without giving a shout-out to the champions of football's second division.  The Minnesota-Duluth Bulldogs took the title, their second in the last three years and are yet another team that I have a personal connection to.

When I was still working in sports broadcasting I had the good fortune to cover the Bulldogs and interview Coach Bob Nielson numerous times and I am happy to see him continuing to have success, he's a terrific coach and a great interview.

Funny, nobody will ever question the validity of the titles the Warhawks and Bulldogs have won.  They played through the gauntlet of college football and won a playoff to determine who the best team was.  Novel concept that one.

4.  Season sacked.  It was fitting to have the Packers chances this season end with a sack of Matt Flynn on what could have been a game winning drive.  It was a tough loss, true, but in the end the Pack just didn't have the horses to stay with New England.

No professional sports team likes to use injuries as an excuse but that's what happened.  It was a scrappy performance but you just can't win with the volume of injuries Green Bay has had this season.  And as well as Matt Flynn played, you just can't take a sack in that situation.

5.  Roller coaster.  Up and down and up and back down again, the roller coaster ride of James Starks.  Just a few weeks ago Starks was the savior of the Green Bay running game but his game was so underwhelming that he found himself on the inactive list against New England.

It's too early to write Starks off, especially with Ted Thompson's propensity to hold on to project players, but it's surprising to see his star fall this quickly.  As the season winds down one would expect to see more of Starks as well as a healthy dose of Matt Flynn.  There is no point in rushing Aaron Rodgers back from a head injury and Green Bay's playoff prospects are dire at best.  It's time to look to 2011.

Now, it's time for bed.


  1. Packers aren't out of it yet. Thanks to Vick's comeback win over the Giants the Packers control their own destiny even with the loss to the Pats, and beating the Giants and Bears at home is doable.

    Tom Silverstein kindly detailed the scenario here:


  2. Statistically maybe not, but I'm taking a pessimistic view of these last two games.

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