The Top Moments of 2010

2010 now draws to a close tonight, but as every year does, it has left behind many memories. Some of us are probably glad 2010 is over, others may think it was one of the best years ever. But, here at the Tap, we just wanted to know what your favorite sporting moment(s) were. The responses were great, with a few key moments really sticking out. There was a lot of love for Bucky, and a lot of love for Favre's failings. We even had a few Illinois people chime in with their thoughts. Also, if you'd like to share your moment, please comment below!

@miketotheG - "Beating Favre Twice"

@nfeuerer: - "WI beating Ohio St"

Anonymous: "Landon Donovan's goal in extra time to beat Algeria 1-0"

@TheRealDohr: "Favre's Last Concussion"

@BWilly84: "opening kickoff vs OSU. What followed was great, but if I have to pick one moment it's the kick return."

@Enrico_Plazo: "clay knocking kolb out"

@Mason3K: "Jeff Suppan released from #brewers"

@Pugbomb1: "That's easy...Kane's OT goal to win the Stanley Cup

@bdogschneeby: "gilreaths 97yd kickoff return, hoffmans 600th, paul allens call of favre's interception in nfc champ. game, who dat nation"

Our favorite moments:

dbauhs: I think Wisco getting the jump on OSU and never letting go has to be the top of my list.

Second and third place go to the Brewers signing Zach Greinke and Clay Matthews throwing Brett Favre around like a rag doll, respectively.

Super Dave: My favorite Wisconsin sports moment would be watching the Badgers dominate OSU. That was a pleasant surprise. The Badgers have a history of choking on Saturday prime time nationally televised games. The fact they stepped up for that game really catapulted them through the rest of their Big 10/11(soon to be 12)schedule. I also enjoyed the Wisconsin/Michigan hockey contest at Camp Randall. fantastic setting, wild game!!

Lange: best sports moment in 2010? USA vs. Canada gold medal game... never seen that much buzz for hockey, didn't even mind losing

@Diddy05: I'm going to do a top 3, with a tie for 3rd.

Third: Goes to the Badgers key wins against Ohio St. and Iowa. Why do I rank these together you ask? Because I only saw the end of each game. I was at a wedding for each of these games. For the OSU game, I left the reception to go to a bar to watch it, and for the Iowa game, we held up the grand march to watch the Badgers put their finishing touches on the Hawkeyes on the road.

Second: Hoffman's 600th save. Talk about a great moment. I just wish I was there.

First: Watching the Badgers football team dominate Northwestern and then Lange and I went onto the field to celebrate. I was able to give Lance Kendricks a good game high five. What a remarkable experience.


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