It Just Doesn't Get Any Better Than This!!

Today's brew is an import: Chicago-native Dave Kuhlman, of BullsBearsCubsSoxHoxx, brings a south-of-the-border view of the Packers-Bears game.

Harkening back to the 1986 Old Milwaukee commercial where four buddies are gathered around a roaring campfire while cracking open some frosty beers, 'It just doesn't get any better than this'!! Bears vs. Packers , winner goes to Superbowl XLV!! Not since the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor (The Germans? 'Let him go, he's on a roll') have these titans clashed in the post season. The Bears came out on top 33-14 in Wrigley Field. That was not one generation or two but three plus generations ago. Nearly 70 years have passed.

That being said, the dream matchup is about to take place less than 5 days from now. I'm sure George Halas and Curly Lambeau imagined meeting more often after that historic 1941 matchup, but it just hasn't materialized until now.

Maybe the rivalry hasn't been what it once was; full of venom and hatred on both sidelines, both teams intentionally trying to injure and or at least embarrass the other. Maybe players have been sending congenial texts across battle lines, damn unlimited texting plans!! (I doubt Papa or Curly would like that very much!) Maybe the storied intensity of the rivalry is gone for good.

Or now, with all the chips on the table, the Halas Trophy, then the Lombardi at stake, these two wizened charter members of the NFL will rain blows upon each other like two desperate UFC cage fighters until one heavyweight finally taps out. How could they not? If these two do not come out slugging they don't belong in this game!!

I've been a Bears fan since I can remember and Super Bowls aside, I cannot remember being this excited about a Bears game ever! Many predict the Packers dancing into town, pounding on the Bears for awhile, and then punching their ticket for Dallas. They are now Vegas favorites to take it all. In an ordinary season, I'd probably say you're right. But in a year where we thought the Bears would be battling Detroit for 3rd place in the NFC North, a lot of unusual breaks and bounces have gone the Bears way all paving the road to hosting the NFC title match. Is it too much to ask old MOJO to keep rolling our way??

At this point, conventional wisdom had the Patriots set to easily walk away the all the hardware. Sorry Gisell-ichek!! I don't know if the Bears will get there but it's gonna be really fun to watch! I'll give a full breakdown and prediction later in the week. GO BEARS!!!!!