Packers vs. Bears: Our Picks


Packers and Bears. Three games this season, three weeks to analyze match-ups. There's really not much left to say; every angle has been analyzed and scrutinized by the media until the topic was pulverized. So without further ado, here are our predictions for the NFC Championship:

Dustin (@diddy05) - Here's the thing, I don't enjoy making picks. Might seem weird to you, but in my mind, I like to tell myself that the team I'm rooting for will lose. Why? Not sure, sort of a superstitious thing I suppose. I even went so far as making a bet against the Badgers in the NCAA tourney while I was in Vegas some years ago, which I'm certain Mark will never let me hear the end of. Because of that, I'll ignore my crazy feelings, after all superstitions are just hokum, right? So, I'll say what I actually think. I think the Packers are a superior team, that's not exactly earth shattering, most people would agree with that. However, when it comes to a Packers/Bears games, the most talented team isn't necessarily the victor. I'm going to say it's a close game, and a fairly low scoring affair where a Cutler mistake will ultimately do in the Bears. 17-14 Green Bay punches its ticket to Dallas! Of course, if I'm wrong, blame Mark for teasing me about the Badger game and thus messing with my superstitions.

Dick (dbauhs) - I started the week very confident in a win, and my predicted score has gotten closer and closer as the game approached. I have no doubt that the Packers are the more talented team, but in the playoffs disrespect is one of the greatest motivators, and the Bears have received plenty of it thanks to the hundreds of sports writers penciling the Pack into the Super Bowl. As recently as yesterday, my pick was 13-10 Bears for just that reason.

But last night I thought about the Rodgers factor. This season Rodgers has orchestrated some beautiful TD drives late in games, including one in the 4th quarter in the most recent CHI-GB game. I'm thinking 5 minutes remaining, the Bears just took a 13-10 lead on a field goal. Rodgers then takes the Pack downfield in a crushing 4 minute drive for the go ahead TD, and unlike in past years, the defense picks off Jay Cutler to seal the win. Pack wins 17 -13, and everyone in Wisconsin rejoices as Donald Driver triumphantly hoists the George Halas trophy over his head in Chicago.

Brian (BBauhs) - The Packers will win.

There. Got that out of the way.

This will be a game that is talked about for years to come. People are right when they say this is like the Super Bowl. Both teams are playing at a high level, reaching their peaks at the right time.

However, I think the Packers' peak is higher than the Bears'. I admit I have a hard time predicting how the Packers' offense will perform against the Bears' defense. The Bears have kept Rodgers and Co. in check thus far, perhaps better than any other team. I do, though, think that the Packers' defense will put a nice sleeper hold on the Chicago offense Sunday. The Packer defense is just too good right now. The secondary will be able to hold in the Bear receivers, and their gigantic defensive line will allow AJ Hawk and Desmond Bishop to roam free and punish runners all day. Clay Matthews will do his thing, and here's hoping Erik Walden has a repeat performance. Packers 24 - Bears 13


  1. You guys were all right on the money!! Not the epic we had all hoped for. Packers have the better QB. Good Luck in Dallas!