A Brewing Twitter Poll

Wisconsin Sports Tap has launched it's twitter poll!  This is a poll to find the best, or most popular tweeter in the following categories:

Media Member:  Two years ago, I would have qualified in this category.  Now, not so much.  The media member category should contain beat writers, local writers or if you can find a national writer that talks Brewers then feel free to take that route.  Radio personalities and tv folks also fall into this category.  Pretty simple really.

Blogger:  What qualifies a tweeter as a blogger? Well, a blog for starters.  This is the category I (@MillerParkNorth) would qualify under.  There is a pretty strong contingent of bloggers for the Brew Crew and most of them are avid tweeters.  Here's your chance to find which is the best.

Fan:  This one is as simple as can be.  Who is your favorite Brewer fan to follow on twitter?  Send a vote for them and a winner will be found.

The Rules:  A.  All votes should be @ replies towards my twitter account or tagged with the hashtag #brewpoll.  Prefferably both, but I will try to keep an eye on both.

B.  Only vote once.  Come on, don't be a dick.

C.  You can't vote for yourself.  See section two of rule B.

D.  There are some ineligibles in the fan category, if you vote for one of them I will let you know so you can vote again.

This poll is going to be running for a while and we could use all the help we can to keep it running.  So retweet, link to, whatever it takes let's get it done.  Send in your votes!