Monday Morning Reverie: The I'm Sure Something Happened Edition

1.  Due to a disappointing and frustrating occurrence in my seemingly unending career search (which you can see in this series of tweets: 1, 2, 3, 4) there was no Monday Morning Reverie.  And due to similar events it's become increasingly difficult to cast my eye toward the sports world.  Fact is there are more important things happening in my hometown than the player workouts at Maryvale.  I won't use this blog as expression for my political voice (that's what my twitter account is for) but the bigger issues might put my writing on the back burner for the next few weeks.

Some things are more important than baseball.

2.  So what better than to launch some forced involvement?  Starting today, Wisconsin Sports Tap will be launching a good old fashioned twitter poll.  This is a poll to find the best, or most popular tweeter in the following categories:

Media Member:  Two years ago, I would have qualified in this category.  Now, not so much.  The media member category should contain beat writers, local writers or if you can find a national writer that talks Brewers then feel free to take that route.  Radio personalities and tv folks also fall into this category.  Pretty simple really.

Blogger:  What qualifies a tweeter as a blogger? Well, a blog for starters.  This is the category I (@MillerParkNorth) would qualify under.  There is a pretty strong contingent of bloggers for the Brew Crew and most of them are avid tweeters.  Here's your chance to find which is the best.

Fan:  This one is as simple as can be.  Who is your favorite Brewer fan to follow on twitter?  Send a vote for them and a winner will be found.

The Rules:  A.  All votes should be @ replies towards my twitter account or tagged with the hashtag #brewpoll.  Prefferably both, but I will try to keep an eye on both.

B.  Only vote once.  Come on, don't be a dick.

C.  You can't vote for yourself.  See section two of rule B.

D.  Keep in mind I will be counting the votes, so when it comes to the fan category there might be one or two ineligible candidates.

This poll is going to be running for a while and we could use all the help we can to keep it running.  So retweet, link to, whatever it takes let's get it done.  Send in your votes!

3.  Nice bounce-back win for the Badger Men's basketball team on Sunday.  After losing to Purdue earlier in the week Bucky took on Penn State at the Kohl.  Penn State had knocked off the Badgers earlier this year in Happy Valley but the story would be different the second time around.

Keaton Nankivil and John Leuer each went for 22 as the Badgers knocked off the Nittany Lions 76-66.  Taylor Battle got hot late in the game but it was too little too late.  Wisconsin led by 13 points at halftime and shot over %50 from downtown (Nankivil was five for five from deep).

With just four games left before the Big Ten Tournament Wisconsin sits in third place in the standings, behind Purdue and Ohio State.  Bucky plays at Michigan next on Wednesday before finishing out the year at home against Northwestern and on the road at Indiana and Ohio State.

That's all for this week, let's get this poll rolling!


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