2011 MLB Predictions

Let's make some predictions shall we?


AL West Champs - Athletics. Even at the start of the year, it's already come down to a 4 team race! Wait, what there are only 4 teams in the AL West?

AL Central Champs - White Sox. Also already a 4 team race, as the Indians are already out of it, not to mention Rick Vaughn is having some mental issues and Willie Mays Hayes is in prison.

AL East Champs - Red Sox. I mean, have you looked at their roster?

AL Wild Card - Yankees. They always seem to find a way in.

NL West Champs - Giants. Have you seen Pablo Sandoval lately? Kung Fu Panda? More like, Kung Fu Grizzly Bear these days.

NL Central - Brewers. Oh sure, I pick the Brewers and I'm labeled a homer. Well, the Reds are probably the sexy pick, but I still refuse to believe they're good.

NL East - Phillies. I heard they have a shitty starting rotation.

NL Wild Card - Reds. Okay, so they might be pretty good.

World Series - Phillies vs Red Sox. Well, the networks will be happy, but everyone outside of the northeast will be all like "oh hey, it's football season....wait, no football, crap!" Oh yeah, who will win it all?! I say the Phillies win sans Geoff Jenkins, proving doubters wrong that they can't win without him.


AL West Champs - Angels - The Rangers will miss Cliff Lee more than many realize. While C.J. Wilson and his fellow starters had major successes a year ago it remains to be seen whether they can repeat that in 2011. The Angels should be solid, with Dan Haren, Ervin Santana, Scott Kazmir and Jered Weaver. This division is much more wide open than it would appear to be at first glance, but the Angels take it in a tight race.

AL Central Champs - Twins - Let's face it, the Indians and Royals stink, so you can eliminate them straight away. Between the Tigers, White Sox and Twins you have a lot of questions and few sure answers. In the end the deciding factor is Detroit perilously thin pitching staff and the fact that I won't pick a team that could have Juan Pierre starting for them. A healthy Justin Morneau doesn't hurt either.

AL East Champs - Red Sox - It almost seems unfair doesn't it, with the Red Sox lineup and pitching staff. This will be a difficult team to stand against and the only thing that can derail them is injuries.

AL Wild Card - Yankees - If you dropped the Yankees into any other division they would likely win it going away. The AL East will beat up on each other heartily and that could open up the wild card for other teams, but at the end of the season the Yankees have yet another postseason run in them.

NL West Champs - Rockies - The Giants are good, but the Rockies will be better in 2011. Why? I have major doubts about the offense in San Francisco. Colorado will bring just a bit more to the table though this could be a race decided by mid-season acquisition.

NL Central Champs - Brewers - Somewhat of a homer pick, to be sure. But the losses suffered by the Cardinals will daunting. The Reds were good last year, but there are concerns about the Starting Pitching depth. So at the end of the day, Milwaukee appears to be the most complete team in the division... if they can stay healthy.

NL East Champs - Phillies - An easy pick, but one that is aging quickly. The Phillies have one more run left in them, but that is it. The core of Ryan Howard, Chase Utley, Shane Victorino and Jimmy Rollins is just getting older. The pitching staff is the same story, with Roy Halladay, Cliff Lee and Roy Oswalt all in their 30's. Still, Philadelphia has one more run in them.

NL Wild Card - Giants - They won't be good enough to win the division, but they'll be good enough to win the Wild Card.

World Series - Brewers over Red Sox - Why? Because I say so that's why.