Biting the Hair of the Dog - The Weekend Recap

Wow, what a fantastic weekend for Wisconsin Sports. The Brewers swept the D-Backs, the Badgers held off Fresno St., and the Packers took down Da Bears with some last minute heroics. Here are some quick thoughts and links for you to enjoy.


- That was a classic Packers/Bears game. Ugly offense and solid defense on both sides. Hopefully that isn't a theme this year as the offense is what is supposed to carry the Pack.

- Lange seems to think Cutler was executing the proper game plan.

- Our friends at Sheffield's House have some bold predictions for the NFL this year. Though I see item #6 is already crossed off the list.

- David Haugh of the Chicago Tribune didn't seem too thrilled with Cutler's actions on the field, performance aside.

- Tom Silverstein's breakdown of the game for the Journal Sentinal.

- Nick Barnett (@NickBarnett) posed a good question via twitter: "Everyone keeps talking about this throw from arod to win the game... Did you guys miss th. Pick by al Harris which actually won the game???"

-Some bloggers are wanting Thompson to get on the horn with Tauscher. True, Barbre played awful, but as the Bears' fans should do with Cutler, we should give Barbre one more week before lighting the torches.

- Speaking of Bears' fans and Cutler, do you feel bad? I don't, I'm laughing all the way to Week 2 about this.


-I'm having a hard time watching baseball on TV these days. I still care, and in fact have 3 or 4 more games I plan to attend this year, but with the Crew out of the race coupled with the start of football and the new fall TV lineup, baseball is slipping. Last year I missed the start of football season because the Brewers dominated every day of my life, so we'll call it even.

- I was fortunate enough to still have caught both Braun and Fielder hit their respective milestones. More of the rhinestones that dbauhs was talking about.

-If you missed Alcides Escobar's amazing play, MillerParkDrunk has it for you along with Escobar's thoughts throughout that at bat.

-This doesn't come as any surprise, but Trevor Hoffman would like to come back to Milwaukee, and likely will. If anything, it will put fans in the seats as he goes for 600 career saves.

- Look for my projected 2010 Brewers roster later this week. Surprises could come at Right Field, Center Field, and Catcher.


-It should not take two Overtimes to beat Fresno St. That being said, Fresno State should have beaten the Badgers.

- Close games against NIU and Fresno State makes things look bleak once the Big Ten games start. Maybe our super awesomely shaded coach Bret Bielema will straighten things out....doubtful. If anything, there is always Michigan St to laugh at.

- I think this last game was proof on why John Clay should get more playing time over Zach Brown

- O'Brien Schofield has two last names, that amuses me. Even if he wasn't proving to be a good player, he would probably be my favorite player simply for that lasty-lasty name of his. (a firsty-firsty, if you've ever watched Puddle Cruiser is two first names, and a first-firsty-girly-girly is a man with two girly first names, ex. Jamie Tracy)

- On Wisconsin has some initial thoughts on the game.

- Look for Lange to have his grades on the Badgers performance tomorrow morning.

Closing Thoughts:

- Charlie Weis' seat got a little warmer Saturday.

- In non-breaking news, Adrian Peterson is just plain sick (as in "wow he's good")

- Da Bears Still Suck!! The video below is slightly outdated, but the message will always ring true!