The Farm Report: Position Breakdown

How about some mid-season prospect rankings!

1. Cameron Garfield - Low A
2. Tyler Roberts - Arizona Rookie League
3. Martin Maldonado - AAA
4. Shawn Zarraga - High A
5. Brent Dean - Pioneer League

Thoughts: As is generally the case when a top prospect makes it to the majors, that position runs a bit thin in the minor leagues. With Lucroy taking over starting duties for Milwaukee and Angel Salome making a position change, catcher went from a strength to a very big weakness.

Not one of these prospects jump off the page, though Garfield and Roberts are both young and have plenty of time to improve. Maldonado is defense first and has bounced around at just about every level of the minors this year. Zarraga has hit for decent average, but hasn't managed the sustained success needed to climb the rankings.

Who is Brent Dean? Filler, but someone has to be No. 5.

First Base
1. Sean Halton - High A
2. Hunter Morris - Low A
3. Cody Hawn - Pioneer League
4. Joe Koshansky - AAA
5. Chris Dennis - Low A

Thoughts: Not a strong bunch here, but improving rapidly. Sean Halton is establishing himself as a legitimate prospects but Double-A has been killing first base prospects for the Crew in recent years (See: Steffan Wilson, Chris Errecart). Next year will be telling for him.

Morris and Hawn are both relatively high round picks in this years (4th and 6th respectively) draft but have shown good potential in limited sample sizes already in 2010. Morris is hitting .270 with Wisconsin (Low A) while Hawn has seven homers for rookie Helena.

Joe Koshansky may have a shot at first base next year when/if Prince Fielder gets traded. He strikes out a ton, but has good power and deserves a look.

Second Base
1. Brett Lawrie - AA
2. Ryan Gennett - Low A
3. Eric Farris - AAA
4. Shea Vucinich - Pioneer League
5. Nick Shaw - Arizona Rookie League

Thoughts: A definite position of strength for Milwaukee's farm system, headlined by the organization's top prospect. Brett Lawrie is having a great year, leading the Southern League (AA) in total bases.

Ryan "Scooter" Gennett is the real breakout star in this bunch. After not playing in his rookie season he has raked this year, he is first in the midwest league in total bases, third in batting average, third in runs, first in doubles and first in hits. Not bad.

As for Farris, he is a singles hitter with great speed and a terrific base-stealer. He could be a stop-gap solution for the big league club while the team waits on either of the previously mentioned prospects.
Third Base
1. Mat Gamel - AAA
2. Taylor Green - AA
3. Cutter Dykstra - Low A
4. Gregory Hopkins - Pioneer League
5. Allixon Cequea - Dominican Summer League

Thoughts: Another position of strength for the Crew, especially with Casey McGehee seemingly entrenched at third base with the big club. Gamel has hit the ball well with Nashville, batting .300 with a .383 OBP.

Green is an up and down prospect, but it's doubtful he'll hit for enough power to stay at third base. He makes more sense as a backup infielder unless he finds a consistent power stroke. He does lead Huntsville with 25 doubles however.

Cutter Dykstra is back on the map with a solid year for the Wisconsin Timber Rattlers. He's batting .299 with a .413 OBP. Good numbers, he'll be one to watch over the next couple of seasons.

1. Zelous Wheeler - AA
2. Josh Prince - High A
3. Luis Cruz - AAA
4. Carlos George - Pioneer League
5. Michael Marseco - Low A

Thoughts: Not a good group here, not by a long shot. Wheeler is not a shortstop, he is a third baseman playing out of position so both he and the previously mentioned Taylor Green can play every day. He's a solid hitter with a very good eye at the plate as is evidenced by his .378 OBP. His defense has been terrible since the position change.

Josh Prince could be worth watching, but he has been inconsistent in his second professional season. For the year he's hitting .239 with a low .290 OBP - he can steal bases though, 36 in 43 tries.

The rest of the group? Not even worth mentioning.

1. Lorenzo Cain - AAA
2. Kentrail Davis - Low A
3. Caleb Gindl - AA
4. Khristopher Davis - Low A
5. Logan Schafer - Low A
6. Erik Komatsu - High A
7. Brendan Katin - AAA
8. Scott Krieger - High A
9. Brock Kjeldgaard - High A
10. Angel Salome - High A

Thoughts: Cain is the headliner and for good reason. He hit .324 in Huntsville and since his promotion he's batted .328 for Nashville. Brewer nation got a look at him in a brief stint with the big club when he managed three hits in five at-bats.

It's been a lost season for last year's minor league hitter of the year Logan Schafer. Due to various injuries he's only managed 23 at-bats this season and probably won't see anymore. This happened to Cain last year, so hopefully Schafer can bounce back in 2011.

The similarities between Katin, Kjeldgaard and Krieger are impressive. All three have big power and strike out a ton with limited contact. If any of them can cut down on strikeouts and make consistent contact they could be a big time prospect.

Angel Salome might have been an above average hitter as a catcher, but so far he is a below average outfielder. His value is gone, which is evidenced by the successful removal from the 40-man roster, so expect the Brewers to give him a real shot at the outfield.

Starting Pitcher
1. Amaury Rivas - AA
2. Kyle Heckathorn - High A
3. Jake Odorizzi - Low A
4. Mark Rogers - AA
5. Michael Fiers - AA

Thoughts: Not a bad bunch at all. Rivas has followed up a stellar 2009 with a very solid 2010. He has an ERA of 2.63 and a WHIP of 1.12, which is superb for a starting pitcher.

Heckathorn and Odorizzi have both had solid years with Low-A. Heckathorn has earned a promotion to Brevard County, the team's High-A affiliate. Odorizzi is still with Wisconsin where he leads the team with 111 strikeouts in 90.2 innings pitched.

Relief Pitcher
1. Jeremy Jeffress - High A
2. Mike McClendon - AAA
3. Brandon Kintzler - AAA
4. Jonathan Pokorny - Low A
5. Daniel Meadows - High A

Thoughts: Jeffress is the headliner, it wouldn't be a surprise to see him pitching in Nashville by the end of the season. How does that bullpen look, featuring Zach Braddock, John Axford and Jeremy Jeffress. Those are some very live arms that Brew Crew fans may not be used to seeing.

Another player that catches the eye is Jonathan Pokorny with Wisconsin. Pokorny has a 1.10 WHIP and has struck out 66 batters in only 45 innings, he has only walked 15 on the year as well.


Don't Blame Carlos

For some reason, Carlos Gomez has recently drawn the ire of more than a few Brewer fans. It may have to do with his .240 batting average, or the 10 double plays he's grounded into (second on the team), or it could be the .364 slugging percentage. But more likely, its his comments that he only needs to be hitting .260 to be considered a good player.

But really, it's not his fault. He should have never been put in this position anyways. Let's place the blame squarely on the shoulders of J.J. Hardy, where it belongs. Had Hardy not had such a poor season in 2009, Gomez would never have been on the Brewers this year. If he had played to the level of even an average offensive player the value Milwaukee received back would have been astronomically better.

If you compare their stats this year, Hardy and Gomez are pretty much a push. Actually, Gomez leads Hardy in every offensive category except for doubles and batting average. Both have spent time on the disabled list, although Hardy has never really been challenged for playing time by any other players.

Just think, he could have torn it up and landed the Brewers a starting pitcher. That would mean Chris Narveson would never have had the chance to pitch as poorly as he has. Or Doug Davis and his 7.51 ERA might never have been signed. So in a way, the Brewers pitching deficiency can be blamed on Hardy too.

Had the Brewers not been *forced* to give up their one-time all star shortstop for Gomez, then we would likely have seen top prospect Lorenzo Cain earlier, whether he was ready or not. Or Milwaukee could have pursued a free agent like Rick Ankiel for $3.25 million, or Coco Crisp for $5.25 million. That's not money that could have been better spent anywhere else.

No, when your frustration at Carlos Gomez starts to mount, think carefully. Is it really his fault? When he strikes out don't throw things and shout about how bad he is. When his approach at the plate insults even the most casual fan - remember - it's not his fault.

When he loses his starting spot to Lorenzo Cain and is moved to an exclusively backup role and fans continue to be disappointed that all their former star could bring back was a pinch-runner and fourth outfielder, don't blame Carlos Gomez.

Remember: Blame J.J. Hardy.


Sunglasses at Night: A Tribute to Corey Hart

I wear my sunglasses at night, so I can swing at three sliders in the playoffs. Corey Hart isn't trying to draw a walk, he's trying to get hits and drive in runs. It doesn't matter if not one of those pitches were anywhere near the strikezone and the previous batter walked on four straight.

So I can watch you weave then breathe your story lines. Ever wonder what promises the Brewers made to Jim Edmonds to convince him to sign and stay with Milwaukee? After the complete ineffectiveness of Corey Hart in 2009 and late 2008 it was pretty clear that all faith had been lost. Jim Edmonds was going to start in Right Field and Hart was going to have to earn his chances.

And I wear my sunglasses at night, so I can carry the team? There was a time when Corey Hart had all the potential in the world, but after watching him struggle with the breaking ball away it was pretty clear that his future would not be what Brewer Nation hoped it would be. And then, out of nowhere, doubles become home runs and Corey Hart is the most consistent hitter on the roster. It's safe to say that was a bit unexpected, but it's the truth. Where would the 2010 Brewers be without Corey Hart?

So I can keep track of the visions in my eyes, hopefully better than the the fly balls. Look it's not like Hart is a bad defender, for a guy that came up through the minors playing first base, third base, left field, center field and finally right field he is a pretty good defender. But sometimes you see him take a route to a ball or play something in such a way that really makes you wonder what he was thinking. Still, he isn't a liability out in right and most of the time he is a well above average defender. But he sure isn't going to win any gold gloves anytime soon.

While she's deceiving me, it cuts my security. Let's be real here, very few players actually want to be on the trading block. It means uprooting your life and when you have been in the same place for as long as Hart has there is a comfort level. That said the fans don't really want to hear from an opposing teams general manager that you don't like it. This is probably more of a dig on Padres GM Jed Hoyer, because all Hart did was answer his question. So what's the deal Jed? What purpose does it serve to let the media know Corey Hart doesn't like being on the trading block? I'll stop short of calling it amateurish, but there are other, less appropriate words I could use.

She got control of me, I turn to her and say... Talk about a rocky relationship with the fans, although has it been really? The Crew fans got frustrated and often times irritated with Corey, but it never reached Suppan-esque levels. Hart struggled but frustration only mounted in the fanbase when his attitude went the wrong direction. No Brewer fan will forget that at-bat in the playoffs, but it was Hart's comments afterwards that really grated people.

Don't switch the blade on the guy in shades, oh no. Whenever Hart decided fans didn't like him anymore, it always seemed like he made it a point to let the media know. And the times it did happen it just seemed awkward and forced. Even for those that really didn't like him, there was always someone to draw the ire more so. Whether it was Bill Hall or Jeff Suppan, Hart flew under the radar. He struggled at times but he was one of the young guns, a part of the organization's core that gave us players to cheer for. Unless he got to be J.J. Hardy bad, Hart was a role player so the expectations weren't the same as they were for the big contract players.

Don't masquerade with the guy in shades, oh no, lack of power in the minors doesn't mean much when you attempt to translate those numbers to the big leagues and Hart is a prime example of that. Aside from 2002 with High Desert (when he had 22, but everyone hits in High Desert), Hart never hit more than 17 home runs in a minor league season. Then in his first full big league season he hit 24, followed by 20 and this year he has 22. They aren't making minor league parks smaller after all.

I can't believe it, you got it made with the guy in shades, oh no. But don't get him wrong, Hart would love to stay put. Even if he has also said he wouldn't mind being traded to a contender, but then what athlete doesn't want to win? He would love to stay in Milwaukee, but he also didn't have an interest in an extension when the team approached him with one a few seasons ago. Money talks, sure Corey would like to stay but there will be millions of reasons for him not to.

I wear my sunglasses at night, so I can, so I can, forget my name while you collect your claim - What real value can Corey Hart bring back though? It's not likely that he can increase his value with another season in Milwaukee, since he will then only be under club control for 2011. His value is as high as it will ever be, so what can he bring back? If the Brewers stop dragging their feet in trade talks they should be able to pull in a major league pitcher or near major league pitcher who can help the club for a few seasons to come while lowering payroll. Wade Davis? Probably not. Jonathan Sanchez? That would be fair. The Padres could use a right fielder that can actually hit. His value isn't going to increase, not unless teams start bidding for him and that is as likely as a playoff run.

And I wear my sunglasses at night, so I can, so I can, see the light that's right before my eyes... Corey Hart is a good player, not a great player. He will never lead a team to the world series, he won't hit 45 home runs and drive in 150. That is just not going to happen. But he will hit 20-25 home runs, drive in 80-100 and play an above average right field. His tenure in Milwaukee has been something of a roller coaster, but if he is traded it will be sad to see him go. Not Geoff Jenkins leaving sad, or even Jeff Cirillo sad. But I for one will be sorry to see him leave. Some good, some bad but he's been there since the rebuilding began. To keep the the cycle going it's his time to go and a replacement to be brought up. Lorenzo Cain? Caleb Gindl? Will one be the next Corey Hart? Or something better? It's time to find out


The Farm Report: July 20

I haven't been slow or lazy on the Farm Reports, no idea what you are talking about. I will maintain that prospects who play well in the Arizona Rookie league really don't mean much, the first real chance to show any good performance is Helena of the Pioneer league so we will be adding in one more team into this edition of the Farm Report.

Helena Brewers (Rookie)

Shea Vucinich - IF - Let's start out with the Crew's 24th round pick in 2010, because he is off to a very nice start. Vucinich leads Helena with 61 total bases and 21 runs scored. He is also tied for the team lead with four home runs.

Cody Hawn - 1B - Hawn was drafted in the 6th round by Milwaukee this year as a third baseman. He's seen most of his time with Helena as a first baseman and has hit the ball well. Hawn shares the team lead with four homers and is tied for second in the Pioneer league with 27 runs driven in - all while batting an even .300.

Matthew Miller - SP - A big righty (6'6") drafted in the fifth round out of the University of Michigan, Miller has been very effective through his first five starts. He's pitched 25 innings and struck out 24 while walking only five.

Best of the Rest: Tyler Thornburg (P, 3rd Round) has struck out 11 batters in six innings... Reggie Keen (OF, Non-Drafted Free Agent) is batting .348.

Wisconsin Timber Rattlers (Low A)

Kentrail Davis - OF - After a much needed demotion, Davis has shown why the Brewers drafted in him as a compensatory pick a year ago. Davis is batting .373 with a .475 OBP. Even more impressive are his 49 total bases in 22 games, he may not be long for the Timber Rattlers if he keeps hitting at this pace.

Ryan Gennett - 2B/SS - For a guy who didn't play in the minors in his draft year, Gennett has been a star this season. How good has his year been? He is third in the league in average (.329), second in total bases (172), third in runs scored (68) and first in hits (114). Not bad for a 20-year-old.

Khristopher Davis - OF - The other K. Davis on the Rattlers might be on his way to being named the organization's hitter of the year. Kristopher Davis has been a model of consistency and is posting his best month of the season in July. For the month he's hitting .379 with five home runs and 14 driven in.

Cutter Dykstra - INF - Cutter has played his way back into the discussion for Brewers prospect lists, in large part due to the .301 batting average and very impressive .415 OBP. He may not be in the organization's top ten, but he has shown that it was unfair to write him off after a poor 2009.

Jake Odorizzi - SP - Despite getting touched for four runs in six innings his last time out, Odorizzi is still having a very fine month of July. His ERA in for the month is 2.25 with 24 strikeouts in 20 innings. Odorizzi, fifth in the Midwest league in strikeouts, should be promoted but probably won't be.

Maverick Lasker - SP - After a stellar month of June - 0.89 ERA in 30.1 innings - Lasker has struggled here in July. He's only made two appearances and in ten innings he has an ERA over six. He will likely be a station to station guy and a full year with Wisconsin is not a bad idea.

Best of the Rest: Jonathan Pokorny (P) has struck out 62 batters in 43.1 innings pitched... 4th round pick Hunter Morris (1B) has 13 extra base hits in 27 games.

Brevard County Manatees (High A)

Sean Halton - 1B - It may not be a stretch to call Halton the Brewers top first base prospect, especially with the performance he's put in with Brevard County this year. On a team where no player was hitting for power Halton has hit nine long balls and driven in 50 runs after an early season promotion. Add in a .289 average and .354 OBP and you've got yourself a legitimate prospect.

Erik Komatsu - OF - There may not be any numbers that jump off the page at you, but Komatsu's numbers have been consistent from month to month. He has hit no lower than .313 in any month and no higher than .320. Komatsu's 142 total bases are sixth in the Florida State League.

Josh Prince - SS - Without improvement, Prince will likely fall off the next edition of the Farm Report. He is batting just .220 in the month of July and has seen his season average drop to .245, not good for a lead-off hitter. His base stealing has been a bright spot though, Prince has swiped 31 to lead the team.

Wily Peralta - SP - It's not like Peralta is having a bad year, it's just that those who saw him pitch a year ago expected him to have a much better year than he has so far. In 2010 he has an ERA of 4.13, a WHIP of 1.40 and 71 strikeouts in 98 innings. All slightly above average numbers, but nothing spectacular.

Cody Scarpetta - SP - Scarpetta has had a similar story to Peralta except for a dominating stretch he had in the early part of July. Prior to his last outing Scarpetta went three starts without giving up a run, striking out 25 and walking four. Utter domination. If he can pitch like that with any degree of consistency he would be a top five prospect. Even so, his 98 strikeouts are fifth in the Florida State League.

Kyle Heckathorn - SP - To me, Heckathorn and Eric Arnett will always be connected because of how close together they were drafted. So far one of them has stunk it up and managed to be demoted (Arnett) and the other has been consistent and pitched his way up a level (Heckathorn). Not bad for a guy that many thought would turn out to be a reliever. He hasn't pitched yet for Brevard County but his numbers at Wisconsin were very good - 2.96 ERA with 67 strikeouts and only 23 walks.

Best of the Rest: Daniel Meadows (P) has a 2.98 ERA and hasn't given up a run in July... Sergio Miranda (Apparently a 2B now) is tied for the team lead with 53 RBIs despite having hit zero home runs.

Huntsville Stars (AA)

Brett Lawrie - 2B - After scorching the ball in June (he hit .360), Lawrie has struggled a bit in the month of July. For the month he's hit only .246 with a .310 OBP. His season numbers still impress though, he leads the Southern league with 174 total bases and 11 triples.

Caleb Gindl - RF - Gindl is having a good month hitting the ball, even if his power numbers don't show it. He's batting .377 for July with more walks (8) than strikeouts (7). The left-handed hitting Gindl has also maintained his early season success against southpaw pitching - he's hitting .351 against lefties.

Taylor Green - 3B - It's still hard to figure out what to make of Green. In the first three months of the season he managed only three home runs. In his last ten games, Green has four home runs. Still a lot of question marks around the former Minor League Player of the Year, but success is always good for the organization.

Zelous Wheeler - 3B/SS - Wheeler is playing out of position at shortstop to keep Green and Lawrie in the lineup every day and his defense has suffered accordingly, although he wasn't exactly a gold glover to begin with. One thing that hasn't suffered, though, is his offensive production. He's swinging the bat as well as he has since April, with a .290 batting average in July.

Amaury Rivas - SP - It's easy to say Rivas should be promoted to Triple-A... because he should. Rivas has a 2.58 ERA in 101 innings pitched, no other Huntsville starter is near that. He also has a team high 73 strikeouts and has allowed only three home runs.

Mark Rogers - SP - If Mark Rogers makes an appearance with Milwaukee before the end of the season, it won't be as a starter. The organization seems to still be watching his innings pretty closely, he rarely makes a start more than five innings even when pitching well. It's understandable, but at some point the Brewers will have to take the kid gloves off Rogers.

Michael Fiers - SP - Fiers made his third start of the season for Huntsville on Tuesday after a promotion from Brevard County. He left the game after pitching two scoreless innings so hopefully there is no injury, but no word yet. His ERA with the Stars was 4.15 through 13 innings.

Best of the Rest: Andre Lamontagne (P), who started his year with Wisconsin, continues to climb the ladder. He has pitched eight innings in Double-A, striking out eight batters with an ERA of 1.13. So far he has made an Axford-esque climb through the ranks.

Nashville Sounds (AAA)

Mat Gamel - 3B - Acceptable numbers from Gamel thus far, considering what he's been through since Ken Macha tried to ruin his career. The third baseman is batting .266 with a .364 OBP and 13 extra base hits in 43 games. Nothing spectacular about those numbers but nothing absolutely terrible either. Just getting back and playing is all you can really hope for from Gamel this year.

Brendan Katin - RF - If and when Corey Hart is traded, especially if it happens during the season, Katin should be given a chance in right field. He's an all or nothing hitter with big-time power, which fans can always get behind. Katin has seen his walk rate improve in each of the last two seasons and has 13 home runs in just 50 games this year. Give the guy a look.

Josh Butler - SP - If he stays in the strike zone, Butler has a chance to be an effective No. 4 or 5 pitcher for the major league club. He's been promoted to Triple-A for now and will certainly get a call-up when rosters expand in September. His numbers at Double-A were mostly good until a blow-up start his last time out. But honestly, he wouldn't be any worse than Manny Parra or Chris Narveson.

Best of the Rest - A handful of home-grown relievers have done a good job with Nashville, Donovan Hand (P) has finally earned a promotion to Triple A... Mike McClendon (P) has a 0.90 ERA in July... Brandon Kintzler (P) has carried over his Double A success and posted a 0.75 WHIP through 13.1 innings.


Some Monday Shots

As many of you probably haven't noticed, I haven't been writing very much. I could use the classic blog excuse of, "I've been busy", but that is a cop out. So, I'll just tell you all that I have been in Vanuatu on a Peace Corp Mission. I tell you what, it almost makes me tear up thinking about how I brought smiles to young children!

Well, I'm back, for now, and here are some of my thoughts on some various topics:

The Milwaukee Brewers
Going into the break, they were 9 games below .500. Certainly not what I, or most of us, expected. That 9 game losing streak is really what is biting them in the ass, that and Trevor Hoffman. Since they've snapped out of that horrible start to the year, they've managed to play, well, average. The problem with that is that they need to go on a tear to get back in a striking position. However, I think it is safe to say that we have a large enough sample size of our starting pitching to realize, that getting into a striking position, is an unlikely scenario. Am I saying sell? Well, I am, sort of. See, if we sell, I think there needs to be an immediate impact ( I have big hopes for 2011 still). I don't think any of what I just said was very earth shattering, but you read it anyways.

Lebron James
I think I am the one person who doesn't have a problem with Lebron bolting for Miami. I agree that he handled it about as childishly as possible, but still the man wants a ring. So many of us sports fans complain that athletes seem to care more about getting more money than they are about winning championships, but the moment an athlete leaves a city for a great shot at a title, and turns down extra cash to do so, we lambaste him. I don't get it.

Here's what Lebron should have done. Told the media that in one hour he was going to hold a press conference. At the press conference talk about how he has nothing but love for Cleveland, the Cavs fans, the state of Ohio. Thank them all for the support, apologize he couldn't bring them a championship....then, say that his primary focus is to win a title and that he feels his best chance to do so is in Miami, with DWade and their recent signing of Chris Bosh.

In that scenario, he doesn't lead the city of Cleveland by a rope for weeks on end, just to crush them.

Ken Macha
Sorry folks, but it would appear that Kenneth is the Brewers manager for the rest of the year. The only scenario where he might get let go, is if Doug starts bringing up more of the prospects and Macha doesn't play them. Who do you want for your 2011 manager? I'm sticking with Willie Randolph, but Sveum or even Don Money are very good possibilities.

Lindsay Lohan
Send this snob to jail. Her going to rehab isn't a true effort to clean up, it is just a PR ploy to try and not go to jail. Sadly, I don't think she even understands why she is being sent to jail. She has a drug problem, and a crazy mom that doesn't help. Unfortunately, I'm sure she'll get processed, then released because the jails are "too full". I personally am hoping for at least 45 days in the clinker.

The British Open
Talk about anti-climatic. I was more intrigued watching Sunday morning cartoons with my niece than I was watching the finishing holes of the British Open. Well...maybe not quite, but I did play a fun yard version of frisbee golf. I finished 2 under par, in case you care. Congrats though are in order for, Oust...Ousth....Oosthui......that guy who won it!

Jonathan Lucroy
Did I call it, or did I call it (hint: I called it)? Lucroy has all but guaranteed his spot as the future catcher of the Brewers and I couldn't be happier about it. How nice will it be to not have to worry about the catcher position for some time? He hits well, he defends the plate well, and unlike our other catcher, he can throw people out. I truly believe that one of the reasons that the Brewers' pitching was so horrid at the start of the year, was poorly called games by Gregg Zaun, I have no way to prove that, but I like to think it.

As long as Lucroy breaks camp with the Crew next spring, and there is no reason to think he won't, then I think I'll be purchasing his jersey. Like how Miller Park Drunk has latched onto Rickie Weeks, I decided I'm latching on to Lucroy. Now he better not disappoint me and make me look foolish.

Aaron Rodgers
Do you like famous movie quotes, do you like the Packers? Well then, why aren't you following Aaron Rodgers on twitter (@aaronrodgers12)? Seriously though, the guy is hilarious, he has an amazing attitude, and what else? Oh yeah! He's one of the premier quarterbacks in the league! If there was to be a guy, who could help the blinded Favre faithful come back to being, Packer fans, instead of, Favre fans, it is Aaron Rodgers. He was given a tough assignment, but has handled it amazingly. Because of him, it is for the first time in a few years, that I'm super excited for football season to begin. GO PACK GO!

Corey Hart
Trade him NOW! Every hour that passes and I don't hear that we traded Hart, I get upset. Hart is playing phenomenally, no doubt, but he also has burned a lot of bridges with Milwaukee fans throughout the last few years. There is no reason to think that we can't get a Major League ready pitcher for him.

Listen, in my day, they were just called, beer horns. You fill it with beer, bong it, then blow the horn to announce your accomplishment (of bonging a beer). Well, anyways, I have a thought. Since Tony LaRussa is the apparent ambassador of baseball and we all hate that about him, why don't the Brewers do an all fan vuvuzela giveaway when the Cardinals are in town? Oh, I can just imagine how steamed LaRussa would be as Miller Park buzzes when Albert Pujols comes up to the plate. Get on this Brewer promotional team!

American Idol Auditions
American Idol has chosen to come to Milwaukee to hear our pretty voices. Am I going to audition you wonder...nah, in fact I'm not going anywhere near downtown for a few days. While, my voice has certainly been blessed by the hand of Satan, I think I'll let someone else have their glory. I'm considerate like that. However, I do want to say, that I think it is great for the city, and I look forward to laughing at everyone who did try out. I hope to see some people I know. I wonder if Lange is trying out, after all, the man can run fast. .... WHAT?

Well, that's all I have for now. I could put pretty pictures in, but, I'm not (use your imagination).


The Farm Report: Where are they now Edition

Ever wonder what happened to those prospects the Brewers have traded away to make a playoff run in recent years? Who did the Crew give up for Felipe Lopez again? Scott Linebrink? Are any of those guys doing so good that Brewer nation wants to vomit? Well let me answer those questions for you.

Matt LaPorta - 1B/OF (for C.C. Sabathia, 2008) - The centerpiece of the C.C. Sabathia trade, LaPorta has bounced between Triple-A and the majors in the last season-plus but is now getting his chance as the everyday first baseman for Cleveland. So far in 2010 he's batting just .255 but in his last ten games the slugger has hit .371 with four homers and 11 driven in. Yea... he can hit.

Michael Brantley - OF (for C.C. Sabathia, 2008) - Some would say that Brantley might end up being a better major league player than LaPorta. I am not one of them, I guess I am not in love with a player who has never had more than six home runs in a professional season. Anyhow, Brantley opened the season with the Tribe and struggled, then hit .315 for the Indian's Triple-A affiliate. He's back with Cleveland now, but his numbers are still poor. He's hit just .118 in 2010.

Rob Bryson - P (for C.C. Sabathia, 2008) -Bryson has been good in A-ball for Cleveland this year, striking out 55 in only 31.1 innings with an ERA of 3.16. After a lost 2009, Bryson only pitched three innings, injuries are a concern however. He's currently on the Disabled List.

Zach Jackson - SP/RP (for C.C. Sabathia, 2008) - One player that hasn't made any strides is the lefty Jackson. He struggled to stick in the majors with Milwaukee, Cleveland and now finds himself back with the organization that drafted him, Toronto. In 53.2 innings for the Jays Triple-A team Jackson has an ERA over five and more walks than strikeouts.

Cole Gillespie - LF (for Felipe Lopez, 2009) - The better of the two prospects that the Crew sent to Arizona for Felipe Lopez, Gillespie has split time between Triple-A and the majors in 2010. In the minors he's hit .289 with 17 extra base hits and a very nice .417 OBP. That hasn't translated to the majors yet though, where he has posted just a .282 OBP and struck out 20 times against only four walks. He should see plenty of playing time down the stretch for the D'backs though.

Roque Mercedes - SP/RP (for Felipe Lopez, 2009) - So far Mercedes has yet to carry his success with Brevard County to the next level. He's been pitching with Arizona's Double-A affiliate since being dealt and has posted a mediocre ERA of 4.73 in 32.1 innings this year. His command has been pretty good, striking out 32 against just 15 walks. He's only 24, so he'll get his chances but so far there is nothing to write home about.

Hernan Iribarren - 2B (Claimed by Texas, 2010) - I'd like to see Iribarren make it in the big leagues, but at this point that looks like a long shot. He's not really a utility player, able to only play second base well and he is struggling at the dish in 2010 - Iribarren is only batting .243 for Texas' Triple-A team. He has shown signs of coming out of it though, hitting .289 in the month of July.

Vinny Rottino - UTIL (for Claudio Vargas, 2009) - Some day Rottino might find his way onto a major league roster as a backup catcher. It's starting to look like he may end up as a coach sooner though. Rottino is now in the Florida Marlins organization, with the team's Triple-A affiliate. For the year he's hit .283 with a .366 OBP. Crash Davis anyone?

Darren Ford - OF (for Ray Durham, 2008) - The speedy outfielder looked poised to break out after a very good 2009, he hit .300 with 35 extra base hits and a .386 OBP but then he bumped into some legal troubles. Ford had earned his way onto the Giants 40-man roster but he's only hit .233 in Double-A and now baseball is the least of his concerns.

Dana Eveland - SP/RP (for Johnny Estrada, Claudio Vargas, 2006) - Eveland has seen time with Arizona, Oakland, Toronto and now the Pittsburgh Pirates. He is still only 26 so will likely continue to get his chances in the bigs. He's pitched 54.1 innings in the majors this season and has an ERA of 6.79. Yea, Dana Eveland is still around.

Joe Thatcher - RP (for Scott Linebrink, 2007) - Thatcher seems to have established himself as a major league reliever. He's spent time in the Majors in each of the last four seasons. In 2010 he's seen time in 26 majors league games, with a 2.04 ERA. A solid left-handed specialist, worth a few months of Scott Linebrink?

William Inman - SP (for Scott Linebrink, 2007) - The higher rated of the prospects sent to San Diego for Linebrink, Inman's climb has been slower at the higher levels. He doesn't throw hard but had been producing in Triple-A this year prior to a June injury, with a 3.61 ERA through his first 11 starts. He's a fly ball pitcher who would not have enjoyed pitching in Miller Park.

Steve Garrison - P (for Scott Linebrink, 2007) - The third player sent to the Padres for Scott Linebrink (seriously, three pitchers for Scott Linebrink?) was Garrison. He's pitching in Triple-A now, though he has failed to impress. Garrison has given up 16 runs in 21.2 innings.

Jorge De La Rosa - SP (for Tony Graffanino, 2006) - Let's be honest, when the Brewers sent JDLR to Kansas City he had to go, he was out of options and the team had a need at second base. That said, he seems to have figured it out. Last year with the Rockies he won 16 games while striking out 193 batters in 185 innings. De la Rosa is fresh off a stint on the disabled list but the Rox are counting on him down the stretch.

Nelson Cruz - RF (with Carlos Lee, for Kevin Mench and Francisco Cordero, 2006) - It took him a few years, but Cruz has established himself as one of the better power hitters in the game. He hit 33 home runs a year ago and has only been slowed down by injuries to this point. There was no way the Brewers could keep both Cruz and Corey Hart and to this point Hart has had the better career.

Adam Heether - 3B/UTIL (Claimed by Oakland, 2010) - The Brewers let Heether go for nothing earlier this season and he hasn't done much since moving on to a new organization. Heether is batting .253 for Sacramento with only one home run. He does have an impressive OBP of .392 though, with 21 walks in 31 games.