Here She Is...Miss America (Now Cheer For Her)

Laura Kaeppeler
Yesterday afternoon my twitter feed blew up about how Miss America, Laura Kaeppeler, is going to be tossing out the first pitch at the Brewers home opener, and that, *GASP*, she is a lifelong Cubs fan!

Oh, the horrors! How can we sully our unofficial state holiday with such an atrocity. People should be fired, wars should be waged.....we the good people of Wisconsin should take over the the military scrap pile on the Wisconsin/Illinois border and launch an all out assault on all that is Illinois, and as many of you have suggested on twitter, we should boo the living hell out of Miss America!

Grow up!

It was just months ago, we thought she was the cutest thing ever for wanting to meet Aaron Rodgers! It was the beauty queen and the football star...classic Americana! A Packer fan, a true Sconnie right???? But wait, (record scratch), how can she be a Cubs fan then? ... Have you ever been to Kenosha? You do realize that with METRA running there, it is the northernmost grip of what some like to call Chicagoland. It's not like this is a girl who was born steps from County Stadium, no, this is a girl born in an area where Chicago and Wisconsin blend together. Seeing a Packer/Cub fan is a very common thing in Kenosha!

Wisconsin hasn't had a Miss America since 1973, I'm guessing most of my readers weren't even born then (I wasn't). We know that we're a damn good looking people, but let's face it, there's a national stereotype that we're not....I personally, would like to thank Laura for helping to make Wisconsin look good.

Miss America travels the country, working with many charities, often involving children, and spreads positive messages. She will also be representing the United States in the Miss Universe pageant later this year. Sounds to me like ideas we should all be applauding.

Don't make a fool of yourself Milwaukee, do the right thing, stand up, clap, cheer as the ball crosses the plate. And if you can't even fathom that idea, stay out in the parking lot for one more beer. Booing Miss America, is something an imbecile would do.

Oh, I heard a rumor that Ryan Braun grew up a Dodgers fan...grab your pitchforks and torches Milwaukee!