Let's Get Excited About the Milwaukee Brewers

I’ve admittedly been lazy in trying to get my first post up. So in true lazy fashion, my first post will be gimmick style. I’m going to give you 43 reasons to be excited about this upcoming Milwaukee Brewers season. One for each of the Brewers seasons in Milwaukee. So without blathering any further, here they are, enjoy.

1. Ryan Braun.

2. Spending the first month trying to remember which Alex Gonzalez is on the Brewers. (Hint: It’s not the one that helped ruin Steve Bartman’s life)

3. Watching Alex Gonzalez flash a little leather, no disrespect to my man Yuni B though.

4. Getting to see the Central Division Champs pennant that will be at the stadium reminding us of what a special year it was in 2011. 

5. Getting a full season of Zack Greinke. I, like most optimistic fans expect big things from Mr. Greinke.

6. Anytime you get to spend a Saturday afternoon at Miller Park.

7. Trying to remember the actual game after spending a Saturday afternoon at Miller Park.

8. Nori Aoki. This is the most excited I’ve ever been for a 5th outfielder, though I really don’t know what to expect and playing time might be hard to come by.

9. Playing 17 games against the Houston Astros.

10. Monitoring Lucroy’s beard throughout the year.

11. Georgie “Greek God” Kottaras and his beard. I love Georgie more and more every time he plays.

12. Axford’s hair and ‘stache watch. Might as well get these three out of the way.

13. Hopefully being able to watch Rickie Weeks tear things up for an entire season. We love you Rick.

14. Carlos Gomez on the base paths. The guy is a terror when he’s there; hope he can do it a little more this year. 

15. Another year of Nyjer Morgan. I have loved Nyjer since his days with Pittsburgh and enjoyed him thoroughly last year.

16. Tony Plush, but not too much Tony Plush. Don’t let it jump the shark Nyjer. Just enough to keep us engaged.

17. The death of Beast Mode. It was great when it happened, but like untuckem when Cameron left, it must go with Prince.

18. Gomez making amazing plays in CF. Nyjer crashing into the wall and making plays in CF.

19. A potentially huge year out of Yovani Gallardo. Who can’t see him winning 18-19 games?

20. Trying to come up with more nicknames for Narveson. Narvdog, Narvster, Narvy, Narvs. There’s got to be more right?

21. Seeing if Mat “Not Matt” Gamel can be a late bloomer.

22. Playing 17 games against the Chicago Cubs.

23. The return of Manny Parra’s cry face.

24. Wondering which Corey Hart we will get this year and making fun of him whether he’s good or bad because he is a weird dude.

25. Freaking out every time K-Rod comes in to pitch a close game, ok I’m not looking forward to that.

26. Accidentally falling asleep on the couch during a Sunday game, waking up in the 6th inning and Todd Coffey is pitching. Oops that was on my 2009 list.

27. Hopefully watching Nyjer take out his digger and toss it in the general direction of a Cardinals pitcher again so they can stay on the high horse they are on.

28. Braun’s hair?

29. Wearing my Alcides Escobar jersey shirt to at least one game.

30. Wolfie smacking a double and getting a 2-1 win with Georgie scoring the run that puts them ahead.

31. A Marco Estrada spot start if Marcum’s arm falls off.

32. Kameron Loe getting in and out of terrible jams.

33. Playing 15 games against the Pittsburgh Pirates.

34. Watching super drunk Brewer fan and super drunk Cub (or Cardinal) fan have a completely pointless argument at Miller Park.

35. Seeing Aramis Ramirez go deep hopefully more than just a few times.

36. Braun gunning some poor soul out at home.

37. Enjoying shots of Counsell during games, but not seeing him in uniform.

38. Listening to Brian Anderson say something to try and make Rock laugh, but he of course won’t laugh.

39. Hoping that Joe Block’s voice is just close enough to Uecker that if you turn a game on in the middle you question yourself just like with everyone else who has ever worked with him.

40. Getting to see some young guys come up late in the year and have some big moments.

41. The potential of winning a division that is still wide open, though the Brewers have been set in stone in 3rd by the media.

42. A monster Braun homer that ties or wins a game, maybe clinching another playoff spot?

43. Ryan Braun.

As an ever optimistic fan, I feel they are definitely talented enough to win the division or return to the playoffs as one of the wild cards. The thing is, we don’t know what will happen and that is the best part. Go Brewers.